What kind of oil for lawn mower should you buy?

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What kind of oil for lawn mower should you buy? it is a big area of concern in order to make the mower work and last for a good period of time. This is a kind of a consideration which you should make prior to buying a lawnmower and not after you buy it. Well, it is never too late to get the right thing done and the main item here is to choose only the right oil type which is compatible with the engine of your lawnmower. This is a very critical step as wrong oil selection could break down your mower’s engine entirely.

The oil requirements for the majority of the time could be found in the user manual of the product that comes along with your mower and this selection also depends a lot on the manufacturer. The high-quality oil type such as those with SF, SG, SH, and SJ or the ones with higher ratings should be used. A frequently asked question in this regard is about the usage of the synthetic oil and the usage of such oil type is also absolutely perfect.

There are a few considerations to make in terms of oil usage and change and the following are those which you must be following:

  • Fuel – The lawn mowers in different scenarios are almost always used after a good period of time. So, if that is the case, then always store your lawn mower after usage by emptying its tank. It is because of the reason that storing gasoline fuel for long period of time would destroy your engine, primarily by clogging its carburetor.
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  • Oil for a lawn mower – The engine of lawn mower requires a regular change of oil. It is required for the purpose of lubricating the engine to avoid and unnecessary engine damage and also to let it function properly. It is for this reason that we should know about the compatible type of oil for the lawn mower we own. The following are some different types of oil for lawn mowers:
  • SAE 30 – This is a detergent type of oil which is preferred for warmer temperatures mainly, ideally for 40 degrees F. and above. It is thick and works well for lubricating the lawn mower’s engine parts without causing any clogging.
  • SAE 10W - 30 – This is for different temperature conditions anywhere between 0 to 100 degrees F. The consumption with this oil might be increased but the starting of your engine would be very convenient especially in the cold weathers.
  • Synthetic 5W – 30 – This type is suitable for temperatures between 20 to 120 degrees F. This one is known to facilitate protection for any kind of temperature with very valid chances of lessening the consumption of the oil.
  • SAE 5W – 30 – The SAE 5W – 30 oil type is highly in demand for temperatures less than 40 degrees F. This makes it a by-default option for the winter conditions and ensures flawless starting of the engine, even taking out of the storage after a good number of weeks.

The following tips would help you a lot with your oil change:

  • In case your engine does not come handy with a separate filter then go on and mix with gasoline and this is called as the 2-stroke oil.
  • The non-detergent type of oils should always be avoided as they are almost always not compatible with any of the modern types of engines made for lawn mowers.
  • If you have trusted a manufacturer for your lawn mower then also trust the instructions that are given in its user manual and prefer those over any other form of tips, tricks, and hacks for your engine.
  • If your lawn mower is used very frequently for cutting the wet grass, rough ground and dusty conditions, then you would need a much regular oil change.
  • Always check the oil before starting with your every session with the lawn mower and change oil, if required.

Considering What kind of oil for the lawn mower should you choose, is heavily dependent on the climatic conditions as discussed above. So keep in mind that you may need to alter the different oil types during different phases/ seasons of the year. Or you may also consider choosing on the basis of the type of lawn mower you are using and its efficiency in relation to the various types as well.


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