Best men’s slippers with arch support

The best men’s slippers with arch support are essentially designed for comfort. They are for men of all ages and bring the utmost comfort and luxury that one desires. Specifically speaking, the arch support sits inside the slipper in the form of a specialized cushion which works for alleviating pain and several other foot related abnormalities. S you may realize that such technicalities in the slipper might not be the same in all shoes. Do not go with the marketing gimmicks of the various brands. Rather, do your research in order to find out the best shoes that support your feet in the best possible manner. This comprehensive arch support shoe guide would give you all that you are looking for in terms of making the right decision.

Buying Guide:

  • The lightweight sole is desirable which would help a great deal in stable feet movement.
  • It is not just the presence of the arch support but its quality is something which matters the most. The insole cushioning should bring comfort by taking care of all the pressure points of your feet.
  • The arch support should practically help not only with the alleviation of the foot pain but also for the ball of the foot pain, metatarsal pain, knee pain and even back pain etc.
  • If you are a diabetic patient then go for the specific arch support slippers which would particularly help with the diabetic related feet pain issues that help in eliminating the pain.
  • Lastly, the arch support slippers from different top brands are available in a variety of different colors and styles. Therefore, never compromise over the aesthetic features of the slippers as they would make you look dapper in your appearance.

Top 3 products

To help you decide on which is the best men’s slippers with arch support here are some sorted ones:

#1. Orthofeet Arch Support Slippers for Men

This leather slipper for men provides the much needed orthotic support in the form of a contoured insole inside along with the desirable arch support. It has an extra depth, a non-binding design where the sole is ideally made very light in weight. The design is such that the slipper take care of all the pressure points in your feet and in return, provides excellent protection and comfort.

Orthofeet Arch Support Slippers for Men


  • The shoes are ideally designed for the diabetic people who usually have pain issues on or around the pressure points of their feet. Further, they are also excellent for people with rheumatoid arthritis disorders.
  • The should is engineered with an orthotic insole with the excellent arch support that at best alleviates or protects from foot pain, knee pain, arch pain, heel pain and even back pain etc.
  • The lightweight sole design feels good to the feet with enhanced stability and supports in comfortable and stress-free foot motion.
  • Your toe in the slipper would never get stuck as the supplementary room is provided for easy toe movement with no stress applied there at all, even after wearing the slipper for hours.


  • Putting them on and off could be a bit of a hassle due to unavailability of suitable heel connection.

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#2. Welltree Memory Foam Slipper with Arch Support

Protection of feet along with comfort is the essence of this Welltree slipper for men. These are made from cotton and have a flexible rubber sole. Memory foam is housed within the shoe to bring the desirable comfort. The feet are further protected with a velvet layer that brings warmth along with added comfort.

Welltree Memory Foam Slipper with Arch Support


  • Anti-skid protection is guaranteed with its anti-slip and perfectly cushioned TRP sole. It also means that your feet will never scuff over any type of floor surface and would make your feet movement quite easily.
  • You would love wearing it in the winter or autumn season and it would also help with absorbing the moisture, which would help in making the skin of your feet quite dry and comfortable.
  • Memory foam along with the arch support helps in relieving yourself from any feet related pain.
  • This is a risk-free investment as the manufacturer offers 10 percent money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the slippers for any reason.


  • Memory foam inside the slipper becomes flat within a matter of few weeks.

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#3. RockDove Memory Foam Slippers with Arch Support for Men

It is one of the best arch support slippers for men with memory foam cushioning that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for cold conditions in winter as it will give the much-needed warmth to your feet and help you for rectifying any feet related pain issues. It is made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex material. It has an anti-skid rubber material sole and the shoes could be availed in all common men sizes.

RockDove Memory Foam Slippers with Arch Support for Men


  • The breathable rear part of the slipper makes it easy to slip on and also gives the comfort of wearing it for long hours inside the house or when you are also on a light walk outside.
  • The memory foam inside is specially designed to mold itself according to the shape of your feet so that all the pressure points of your feet are well protected.
  • The slippers are machine washable and they maintain their integrity quite well after multiple washes.
  • They are very cozy as compared to many of its competitors and people just love the warmth of this slipper in winters, whether inside or outside the house.


  • The sole might be too slippery over the smooth floor surfaces, so you need to be extra careful while wearing them.

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Bottom Line

The best men’s slippers with arch support is probably a thing for both the style conscious people and also for those who are looking to use it for protecting their feet or alleviating any pain related issues. In order to make the best buy, make sure that the quality of the sole, insole cushioning and its ability to address the pressure points of the feet is all up to the mark. This could all be justified when purchased from the top brands as mentioned above.

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