Best pump sprayer for staining fence

Staining a wooden or any other fence could be a very daunting task, and a must one too for sprucing up your lawn in its best possible shape. The job would become mighty easier if you are in possession of the best pump sprayer for staining fence.

Now, the question comes that what is the best pump sprayer for staining fence and what attributes give it this level. Well, that requires a bit of research related to your needs, specifically the type of a fence and then the characteristics of the pump sprayer itself are of the essence, such as its capacity, mouth opening, and application etc.

Buying Guide:

  • Analyze your needs for fence staining and find out that for what purpose you are looking for a pump sprayer, such as for rust or acid applications etc.
  • The size does matter in this regard and in order to have your job done quickly and efficiently, choose one according to the needs. A 2-gallon pump sprayer is good enough for an average size fence on the lawn.
  • Feature such as the pressure relief valve in such products is highly important where you could use it to employ pressure out of the product as per the demand of the job.
  • A shut-off feature in hand could be very handy and highly desirable in order to avoid any type of accidental discharge out of the pump sprayer.
  • The hand control of the pump sprayer is of high importance and you should have one with easy access and fine control. The adjustable types of the poly cone nozzles would complement the entire spray pump functionality.

Best pump sprayer for staining fence

For your ease we have sorted top 3 pump sprayer for staining fence so that you don’t have to spend much time on finding the one you need:

#1. HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra C800971 Paint Sprayer Power Painter

This high-end product is good enough to handle all your staining projects and any household painting tasks. This is an electric High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) pump sprayer that is backed with a turbine motor and doesn’t require any compressor to operate.

The unit is suitable for the water or the oil-based materials, which includes, milk paint, chalk paint, enamels, polyurethane, clear sealer, and primers etc.

HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra C800971 Paint Sprayer Power Painter
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  • This product has a 39-ounce capacity which is spacious and you really do not need to stop much in between the job for refilling purposes.
  • The product comes with 3 different spray tips (6 spray tips compatible) which gives a lot of freedom in having customization in the flow of the spray.
  • In comparison to the man of the hand-held sprayers and the Finish max, this one from HomeRight requires far less thinning of the paint.
  • The setting up of the unit is quite easy which will make you get going with the staining fence job in no time and with a lot of spray settings to maximize.


  • Overspray is an issue which calls for a hectic clean-up job after spraying.

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#2. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Staining fence project sizing becomes a secondary matter when you have such a productive and feature-enriched product in hand. The product comes with a flexible type of a suction tube which enables you to directly spray using a one or a five gallon of the paint bucket.

The annual recommended usage is 50 gallons which surely is more than what you could need for your staining fence or another painting job.

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer
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  • The unit provides completely adjustable pressure so that you could have the best control over the staining fence or other similar painting/ staining jobs.
  • This one comes with a stainless steel material piston pump which will enable you to spray paint at high pressure with no need of thinning the paint.
  • In order to ensure quick and convenient cleaning, you can hook up the adapter of the unit with the garden hose.
  • The product is capable of supporting 50 feet of hose for accessing far off fences or second stories with no compromise in performance.


  • A good amount of paint is wasted inside when you use a 20 feet hose and a big pump spray gun.

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#3. Chapin 22240XP 2-Gallon Industrial Acid Staining Sprayer

This spacious 2-gallon tank is an all-around solution for all your staining fence needs. You can make it work for your particular fence staining where the 4-inch mouth opening is just about perfect for the need.

The unit is specifically made for removing the acid stains where are known to be the toughest and you will find it suitable for other stain applications as well on your fence. The product also comes with the chemical and acid resistant type seals and the pressure relief valve as well.

Chapin 22240XP 2-Gallon Industrial Acid Staining Sprayer with Pressure Relief Valve
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  • The 4-inch mouth opening is ideal for staining fence jobs which bring about just the exact amount of the sprayer content which you need for accomplishing the job. The 2-gallon translucent type of tank also calls for easy cleaning and filling of the unit.
  • The poly cone nozzles of the product are adjustable and are able to spray the content making a very fine mist.
  • The pressure relief valve of the tool lets you control the stream course of the pressure of the stream as per your requirements.
  • The shut-off lock feature is inculcated in the product so that you could have full control over the product as per the need of the job and also avoid any accidental discharge of the content of the pump sprayer.


  • The metal shaft handle is of substandard quality and not much easy to use.

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Bottom Line

If you have the best pump sprayer for staining fence then you will save a lot and also could do the staining fence job as per your set standards. In order to have the best product in hand, a thing well about its key features, such as tank capacity, the width of mouth opening, hose size, nozzle/ nozzle tip, pressure settings, quality of tank and the ability of the hose to access the far spots for painting with minimal wastage of paint.

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