Sturdy cat trees for large cats review

The sturdy cat trees for large cats review is a must-check thing for cat owners who care about the wellbeing and happiness of their cats. Pet cats whether big or small can be very moody and demanding. You will usually find your cats at home either under the bed, near the fireplace or on top of the fridge.

It is because such places in houses are very calming for cats. A more complete and an ideal approach is to have an indoor cat tree to cater to the mood swings of your furry animal.

Such cat furniture is ideally meant to be cozy and is one place in your home where the animal can have its best relaxing time. Size does matter and for large cats, things need to weigh on a different scale.

Such type of latest furniture are feature-enriched and offer a range of different things which your cat would surely love. Let’s find out the nitty gritty of some of the top cat trees for large cats.

Buying Guide to find sturdy cat trees

  • The size of the cat tree should be suitable for the large size of the cat that you have. Be specific about the dimensions of the product that you are considering to buy and map it to the size of your large cat and also the place where you will be placing that at home.
  • Look for the structure of the furniture for its sturdiness. It should be able to stand straight and firm on the ground having a stable base.
  • Make sure that the cat tree has got the right upholstery which is cozy and plush and that is something which the cats love.
  • Protection is of the essence with such products where raised edges, especially of the top perches is highly preferred.
  • The overall looks should be attractive and could be chosen according to the color scheme of your room.

Top 3 Products:

#1. SONGMICS Large Cat Tree Condo Multi-level Cat Tower

The manufacturer calls it a condo and rightly so because of its multiple compartments to please the furry animal at home. This is meant for large size cats and the premium material is used for its structuring which is then encapsulated into very soft and cozy plush. The looks of this cat furniture are dapper and it offers some serious durability over the long run.

SONGMICS Large Cat Tree Condo Multi-level Cat Tower with Scratching Post Pad


  • This is not just a standard tree house but a complete recreational system for cats. Cats of different sizes would love to make use of its different levels to jump across and also make full use of the scratching pad which is the best part.
  • The interior material of the tree uses special CARB certified boards which are durable.
  • Protection is ensured with the raised edges of the top perch.
  • There is a scratching pad at the top which will be the most favorite spot for your cat.


  • Assembling is a bit of an issue especially due to the mislabeling of the pieces which quite a few existing customers have experienced.

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#2. CatHaven Cat Condo

This cat haven means some serious business with its sturdiness and is suitable for large cats up to 32 pounds in weight. Cats can use it indoor for climbing, scratching, jumping or just relaxing. The artificial leaves create an environment of pretending to hide in a natural kind of an environment. The unit has a very firm and stable round base of 26 inches which is layered over by an artificial turf.

CatHaven Cat Condo


  • The USA made cat tree is made from highly sturdy pressed wood which lays an excellent foundation to be covered with comfortable artificial turf.
  • There are a total of 3 different perches where everyone is of different size and will create a totally different environment and view for the cat.
  • Assembling is easy with no secondary assistance or tools required.
  • All the perches are able to swivel and you can set that in any position. This gives you a lot of options to make your preferred settings and would also give great options to the cat to enjoy.


  • The perches are found to be a bit wobbly which is a bit of a concern.

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#3. Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

The light themed cat tree would be a great inclusion in your house and also in your furry animal’s possessions. It is a triple platform cat tree which is sturdy enough to house large size cats with ease. The base structure is made from MDF and is coated with carpet, jute and the paper tubes.

Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts


  • The round shaped top platform is the best and the most relaxing part of the furniture tree which the cats would love the most. It is made safe with curved edges.
  • The square shape base is stable and is good for placing it easily in the corner of the room, so that makes it space efficient as well.
  • There are as many as 7 scratching posts which are wrapped with the jute that cats adore.
  • The assembly of the unit is quite easy with very convenient screwing required and without the need for any sophisticated tools at all.


  • All levels are of different size and the topmost one is the smallest. The top shelve is a bit uncomfortable for large cats and they tend to cramp in there.

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Bottom Line

The main idea of going through this sturdy cat trees for large cats review is to aware people that a cat tree house is an ultimate solution for having your expensive furniture at home free of cat’s occupation. They would have their very own tree house which they could use for having a nap, playing around and having a good view of the house. The buyer should be aware that the tree furniture for cats is as per their size, have the necessary safety measure, plush and a sturdy structure to make it last a lifetime.

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