Best Mop for Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors besides adding an aesthetic sense of style to your house, also demand a lot of care in order to make them last for long. They are vulnerable to scratches through pointed objects or through the moving of furniture in the house from one place to the other. They are also prone to damage due to an inappropriate chemical used for its cleaning through any cleaning approach. The answer to all this confusion and issues is to use the best mop for hardwood floors from a well-reputed manufacturer.This is because the best such products in business would not only protect the integrity of your hardwood floor, but they would also bring value to the floor in terms of its effective cleanliness with no bacteria or germs found. Such mops are also versatile and have a lot of advanced features to make cleaning fun and easy for anyone taking on this task.

Features to Consider:

Features to Consider:

In order to get yourself a hardwood floor mop that meets and exceeds your specific needs, the following are the features that you should be considering:

  • Type – Look for the desired type that suits your needs. Some of the prominent types today are the microfiber mops, steam mops, and the spin mops etc.
  • Control Mechanism – In order to spray well, the mop should offer a control feature where you have full command over the amount of pray to be done.
  • Reusable – The reusable water bottles with a mop are preferred over using the disposable ones.
  • Washable Mop Pads – The mop pads used should be washable and must be reusable as much as 100 times before disposing of them.
  • Ergonomics – Look for a mop with ergonomic handle and easy grip in order to do the stress-free cleaning.

Types of Hardwood Floor Mops:

The following are the different types of mops compatible with the hardwood floors:

  1. Microfiber Mop – This is probably the most used and in-demand mop type for cleaning hardwood floors these days. It is a type that cleans exceptionally better than the traditional mops used at home. They are either electric corded mops or could also be a battery operated handheld one. Another great attribute of such mops is that they are usable and comes with the cleaning pads that are machine washable. They are versatile and offer cleaning for both the wet/ dry conditions.
  2. Steam Mop – They are high in demand and uses steam to give an excellent cleaning end result which shines and extends the life of your hardwood floor. It is also beneficial for removing scratches from your hardwood floor.
  3. Spray Mop – A spray mop requires a microfiber pad to be hooked up with the mop and then add your cleaning detergent to its water tank. These are usually manual and allows you to spray the precise amount as desired.
  4. Traditional Dust Mop – They are in practice for quite long and are still applicable in many households. They use a blend of the synthetic fibers along with cotton to give a reasonably good hardwood floor cleaning. It is an excellent option for removing dust or soil from the hardwood floor. The application or style of operating a dust mop is same as the microfiber one. The major drawback of such mop type is that they do not offer any wet cleaning task. You can have such mops with a mop head having a variety of widths as size does matter, due to its applicability for both residential and commercial needs.
  5. String Type Wet Mop – This includes the likes of spin and the looped-end mops but their performance is somehow ineffective and inefficient at times, especially when it comes to cleaning a wet hardwood floor. A string type wet mop with a microfiber head could be of reasonably good use for cleaning a hardwood floor of a school/ office cafeteria, a restaurant’s kitchen, and other such commercial places.
  6. Sponge Mop – If the matter is just about picking up any kind of fluid spills, then the sponge mop is probably the best. However, their performance is limited when it comes to picking up soil or dust from the hardwood floors.

Benefits of Using the Hardwood Floor Mops:

  • The most advance mops are good for giving an excellent finish and extends the life of your hardwood floor.
  • The hardwood floor mops are ideally preferred for their quick dry functionality and hassle-free use. The hardwood floor mops of today are reusable. They come with reusable cleaning pads which are machine washable. Further, the detergent cleaning agent water bottles are also refillable.
  • The best mops available today even do well for eliminating any scratches found on the hardwood floor due to any pointed object strike or moving furniture in the house.
  • The modern types of mops for hardwood floor are versatile and could be used over several other surfaces as well such as marble, laminate or tiled floors etc.
  • The maintenance is very easy and the good high-end electric products usually last for good 5 years or more, before you need a replacement.

How and Who Could Use the Product?

The modern hardwood floor mops are designed for both residential and limited commercial needs. People who have issues in getting down on their knees and use a sponge for spot cleaning of the hardwood floor would be relived while using such a product. They could easily clean the floor by standing tall as the mops are able to swivel with ease. Those people who are looking to clean the tight spots, corners or under the furniture would also benefit as the mops with their low profile design are able to penetrate in such tight sports with utmost ease. Further, it brings benefit for those people who are looking for lesser maintenance of the mop and the unit to be ready without any hassle. You would just need to have your washed mop pad and the tank filled with water and/ or the cleaning detergent to do the job.

Top 5 Products:

To help you make the best decision we have analyzed and listed some of the best Mop for hardwood floors here:

#1. O-Cedar Spray Mop for Hardwood Floor

It’s a microfiber spray mop with all the ergonomics that you would love to have such a product. The mop head could rotate 180 degrees for easy cleaning and the eco-friendly type mop pads are machine washable and gives the top cleaning for your hardwood floor.

O-Cedar Spray Mop for Hardwood Floor


  • The refillable bottles that come with the product can be used for making your own perfect cleaning solution.
  • The flexible and rotatable mop head allows the user to clean the hardwood floor at congested areas and corners of the room with ease.
  • Apart from the hardwood floor, the mop is equally viable to be used over other surfaces as well, such as vinyl, marbles, tiled, linoleum, laminate, ceramic and other types of stone surfaces.
  • It is a dual purpose mop where the dry one could be used for dusting the floor and then the wet mop could be used for bringing shine.


  • The mop head tends to fall apart if you are looking to mop sideways and this raises some considerable design concerns for the users.

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#2. Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop for Hardwood Floor

This multi-featured mop is truly light and easy with powerful performance to give the best treatment for your hardwood floor. The results are 99 percent effective and that too without using any chemicals. So, no danger of your hardwood floor damaging. It could be easily trusted for tough jobs and the ergonomics of the unit helps you with easy cleaning and no physical strain.

Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop for Hardwood Floor


  • The super-heated stream is provided within 20 seconds of switching on the unit. Further, the drying of the floor is also ensured in 20 seconds. This means that you will not have any lag time while cleaning.
  • The use of this mop is without any use of chemicals or detergents and this feature makes it a good deal for people having kids and pets in the house.
  • It comes with an ergonomic grip to give a stress-free cleaning experience.
  • The manufacturer offers replacement policy along with the 1-year warranty.


  • Users have often noticed some plug sparking while switching on the unit.

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#3. BISSELL Mop and Cleaner for Hardwood Floor

BISSELL is a trustworthy manufacturer which offers powerful cleaning through its Spinwave powered mop. It comes with a reasonable tank capacity of 28 ounces. The on-demand spray ability is a fantastic feature to give you full control over the spraying job.

BISSELL Mop and Cleaner for Hardwood Floor


  • The unit is excellently powered to do the toughest scrubbing job and you really do not need to put a lot of effort into cleaning.
  • The package comes with useful soft touch mop head pads for delicate cleaning and also have the much-needed scrub pads for removing the tough stains and sticky mess.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around. Further, it could easily get into tight spots for cleaning.
  • It is offered with a 2-year warranty.


  • It could not be used for mopping glass as that could damage your hardwood floor.

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#4. Rubbermaid Spray Mop for Hardwood Floor

The mop promises to produce cleaning results 50 percent better than the other conventional mops in terms of picking up the dust and giving a shining result on the hardwood floor. It comes with a 22-ounce refillable bottle which you can use to put your own cleaning solution.

Rubbermaid Spray Mop for Hardwood Floor


  • The scrubbers included are of top quality which is able to clean the toughest stains without damaging your hardwood floor.
  • The unit allows you to dispense desirable spray so that you have full command over your cleaning job.
  • It is a lightweight unit with a sturdy and long-lasting construction.
  • The microfiber pads that come with the unit could be used as many as 100 times after machine washing.
  • You may also trust this mop over other floor types such as vinyl, tile, and laminate etc.


  • The handle of the equipment is not of top quality and it tends to break quite easily within a matter of years or at least it gets loosened up after a few uses.

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#5. Microfiber Wholesale Stainless Steel Handle Mop

It is an excellent hardwood floor mop to be used in homes and offices. It has a stainless steel handle which is easy to grip and endorses quality over a longer period of time. It comes with a couple of microfiber pads, a couple of microfiber cloths and a piece of useful microfiber dust pad.

Microfiber Wholesale Stainless Steel Handle Mop


  • The best part of the mop is its sturdiness as you will never find it fell apart. The frame is made of sturdy aluminum material and the stainless steel handle of the mop further adds to the sturdiness of it.
  • It is known to work excellent in clearing away large debris using the microfiber dust pad with ease while working perfectly well for dust and dirt etc.
  • The microfiber mop pads used are machine washable which makes it quite an economical deal for the buyer.
  • The stainless steel handle of the mop is flexible and the user could adjust the length as per his/ her convenience.


  • The mop does not seem to work too well for the hairs as it just pushes them away.

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Buying Guide:

  • Consider the top branded products only when buying such a product.
  • Look for the warranty on electric products as they are prone to malfunctioning due to misuse or any other reason.
  • Look for the customer reviews about a particular product in order to get a good insight into it.
  • Look for the quality of the features rather than the presence of a particular feature.
  • Reusability of a product is of the essence and should be one of the main consideration to buying a product.


The best mop for hardwood floors is the one that satisfied your particular needs. You need to carefully evaluate your requirements and then buy a product by analyzing its features. The main things to check are its particular type, reusability, controlled mechanism, capacity and its ergonomics features.

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