Architect Series II Top Control Dishwasher review

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This  Top Control dishwasher is a top product from Kitchen Aid manufacturer. You will find several attractive features with greater convenience in installing and using the machine. The structure of the unit is excellent and it has got the capability to look after all types of your dish washing needs. Each and every feature of the product has got something special and unique to facilitate the users in their dish washing needs.


The product has got some really special features to offer to the customers. The following are the best features which you will find in this top notch dishwasher:

  • Built – The interior built of the system is the first thing that anyone looks for and it is manufactured with top class stainless steel material.
  • Utensil rack – The 3rd level utensil rack is there which can be exclusively used to wash all your utensils.
  • Delay operation feature – There is a delay feature as well, which you can exploit to set a delay start for a maximum of 4 hours.
  • The rack folds down – The racks can be folded down inside the unit to create some extra space
  • Heat Dry Feature – The dishwasher is capable of drying all the dishes and utensils with its productive heat dry feature.
  • Pro-wash cycle – The system offers a pro-wash cycle which is versatile enough to look after all types of your dish washing needs.


The below given are the attention grabbing pros of the unit:

  • The noise level is just rated to be at 45 dB which is quite low and wouldn’t have any issue even if you bedroom is just next to the kitchen.
  • The interior quality is excellent and corrosion resistant as top class stainless steel material is used for the interior construction of the tub.
  • The heat dry option plays a great role in killing all the bacteria and germs on the dishes besides just giving a dried dish after wash.
  • The folding tray option can be used for placing large size dishes in the rack.
  • The concealed controls make them less vulnerable to malfunctioning by restricting water to add into the panel.


The cons are mentioned below:

  • The price considering the features and the inexperience of the manufacturer in the field is a bit too much.
  • The system doesn’t come with any alert alarm to notify when the system has run out of products.


This dishwasher is a balanced product overall as it has flexible shelves, delay timer feature, heat dry option and easy to use concealed controls. However, the high price is questionable and makes people think twice about buying this product.

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