Bella 7-liter multi-tier food steamer, black review

The Bella 7-liter multi-tier food steamer, black review would give you all the insights about this marvelous product that will cater for all your steamed cooking needs. The repute of the Bella manufacturer in the market is to produce quality cooking products at a very affordable price and this one is no different in this regard. The idea of this steamer is to cook food by keeping the integrity intact for all the quality ingredients, especially when it comes to the cooking of vegetables. This also holds true for other food products such as meat, chicken, fish, and grains etc. Further, the job is also completed in a quicker time which is another added benefit of this product.

Bella 7-liter multi-tier food steamer, black review


  • Power Source - It is an electric steamer that relies on 120V power source for its operation. It has a power of 800W

  • Design – The item weighs just about 4.75 pounds. It has a 2-tier design where you can make use of two different steaming containers and that allows you to cook your entire meal within a quick amount of time as compared to the other conventional cooking appliances.

  • Cooking/ Steaming Suitability – The item is suitable for a variety of items for steaming, such as red meat, poultry, fish, grains, rice, and vegetables etc.

  • Auto shut/off – The auto shut/ off feature is included for added safety where the unit switches off automatically if you are not able to switch it off at the time. On top of that, it also has the boil dry protection which further endorses the safety of this incredible steamer.

  • Steaming Chart – A steaming chart is shown on the unit and using that you can guarantee guess-free and perfect steaming results.

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  • The idea of this steamer is to produce healthy food where all the unwanted additives, oils or the calories are removed and you enjoy the cooked food in its best natural form.

  • No matter, you are using the steamer for cooking meat, fish, poultry, vegetables or grains, the cooked food could get ready in less than one hour. This is an extreme convenience for working people who do not get enough time for cooking meals.

  • The unit provides consistent heating and steaming and this allows to cook the food thoroughly. The steamer ensures that no uncooked food while maintaining the healthy ingredients of all the items being steamed. Especially for vegetables, the unit prevents any chances of the vegetables to turn mushy and it also let them retain their original taste, juice, color and the freshness.

  • The product includes the water reservoir window with the water level indicator. This helps in knowing that what quantity of water you need to work with for ensuring that you have a good amount of water in it for completing the steaming process.

  • The trays inside the unit are dishwasher safe in order to provide users with easy cleaning and maintenance. On top of that, they are also BPA free which means further protection.


  • There are cases noted that the unit refuses to turn off automatically especially when there is no water contained inside the steamer.

  • There are also instances reported of water leakage through the unit after a month or so of use. Leakage also means that the steam would not be produced perfectly and that affects cooking to some extent.

  • For a sophisticated product like this one, the instruction book is not so detailed and user-friendly. This leads the user to go for a hit and a missed approach before finding the most suitable setting for the specific steaming needs.

The Bella 7-liter multi-tier food steamer, black review discussed above comprehensively covers all the main features and its pros and cons of using. The steamer is an all-rounder product for a variety of steaming food products and the spacious 2-tier design allows to do multiple cooking at once. Not to forget its brilliant auto shut/off feature which brings excellent comfort to the user. The trays inside are dishwasher safe and also found to be BPA free, which means added protection. It has an adequate price and is surely one of the top products for the potential buyers in the market.

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