Best weed Trimmer for your lawn

Best weed Trimmer for your lawn

Setting up or sprucing up your lawn was never as easy as today. The challenge of removing weeds or setting up grass trim line on an irregular train, steep areas or near some object makes it a very challenging job. However, things got easier with the use of a weed trimmer which makes life easier by using a mono-filament line instead of a traditional blade used in the mowers. This technological advancement surprisingly doesn’t come at any significant extra cost. A little bit of research and using this resourceful guide prior to buying would make your life a lot easier.
The research for the top weed eaters in this guide would be based on the below mentioned associated factors:

Key features​

  • Power
  • Power Source
  • Battery Type
  • Runtime
  • Versatility
  • Ergonomics
  • Automatic features

Black & Decker 40V Lithium Trimmer

[newimgbox imgalt="Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer" imgurlid="31ABIEdoWwL" asin="B00I2F51SG"]

The Black & Decker manufacturers of weed trimmers never missed out on any opportunity to impress their current and potential buyers. They have several successful products under their belt, but the LST136W string trimmer has its class apart. It is convenient, versatile and economical to say the least. The PowerDrive patented transmission generates excessive power for cutting grass in a much faster way. The lithium ion battery is of the top notch quality giving 40V and an excellent run time. Bumping in some of the other similar products can be a very serious issue, but with this one the automatic feed spool gives continuous work. Versatility is it’s another great feature as the trimmer can quickly convert to an edger from trimmer by just turning the shaft. Charging is quick packed with a longer runtime; so that you can finish up your trimming job in one go before a recharge is needed. As you know that people with different height have different comfort levels with such equipment and the product is capable of adjusting the height and handle to suit the needs of the user.

Husqvarna 224L straight shaft trimmer

[newimgbox imgalt="Husqvarna 224L straight shaft trimmer" imgurlid="41wfNLbSZ4L" asin="B004Q0QVCQ"]

This is a gas weed trimmer from Husqvarna and is super light with extreme lightning fast trimming capability. The weight of the unit is just 11.2 pounds and very much adaptive with all your needs and expectations that you can have from an advance trimmer. It comes with a reasonable capacity 4-stroke 25cc engine. Starting of this system has made easier in all weathers by introducing the much needed air purge system. This system eliminates any presence of air in the carburetor and also the fuel section in order to make the starting very easy. Unlike the other traditional gas trimmers and/or mowers, this one has a smart system for starting the engine which is specially designed in order to initiate the motor with minimal effort. There is no requirement for mixing fuel and oil to run, which again makes it a hassle free trimmer to use. The price of this trimmer is reasonable and the ongoing maintenance cost is as low as nothing. It just demands you to use the equipment by following all safety procedures and keep a good check on its cleaning before and after the use.

Worx Cordless Edger/ Trimmer

[newimgbox imgalt="Worx Cordless Edger/ Trimmer" imgurlid="71jhFt+j8RL" asin="B00J4VZYRA"]

Worx is another big brand name in the trimmer/edger world. Their WG156 is a cordless trimmer that uses the much resourceful lithium ion batteries to operate. Lithium ion is the most productive battery time when it comes to be used with different motor driven cordless equipment. This 10 inch shaft with a battery runtime of nearly an hour makes it a great solution to look after in style for the small to medium size lawns. The battery gives no self-discharge and is super lightweight with no memory effect. The element of versatility and usefulness beyond expectations is there as the trimmer can quickly be converted into an edger for addressing the edger specific needs. The shaft offers 90 degree tilt, which supports in cutting/ trimming the grass in congested or tight spots in the lawn. It is quite ergonomic in nature with having a telescopic pole for making the height adjustments and a comfortable handle to get full control of the unit.

Makita XRU02Z string trimmer

[newimgbox imgalt="Makita XRU02Z string trimmer" imgurlid="51ekVswHZvL" asin="B00KA3ZGUG"]

Makita is a name that you can trust while buying a variety of domestic use electronic products. They are no lesser than any of their competitors in the string trimmers department as their XRU02Z is one of the top selling products in the market. The reason for that is definitely their state of the art technology, ergonomic features, economical and longevity. The motor is fast definitely as it gives 7800 RPM with no performance compromised. The design is ergonomic with easy to adjust handle and the unit overall is very light in weight. The net weight is just 6.4 pounds, which also include the battery. It is a compact unit which is an ideal thing for making precise and easy trimming of the grass around tight areas and the edges of the lawn. The optimal cutting position can be ensured by deploying the telescopic shaft feature of the tool which can adjust its length in the most desirable position. The pivoting head is adjustable, offering 5 positions for enabling cutting the grass at an angle.

DEWALT 20VString Trimmer

[newimgbox imgalt="DEWALT 20VString Trimmer" imgurlid="51Ze9zJWCdL" asin="B00TL72J2A"]

DEWALT offers the DCST920P1 trimmer with 20V maximum power. The unique selling point of this string trimmer is, however, its brushless motor which offers hassle free and the most optimal performance that you can ever get. The brushless nature of its motor not only enhances the efficiency of the motor, but also makes it durable. The bump feed is given and a cutting swatch of 13 inches is also offered. The user finds it very easy to use, especially with the use of its variable trigger offering the speed control. The 20V battery maximum power and that too from lithium ion is nothing short of being exceptional. All these settings are good enough to make it a trusted tool for using in small to medium size lawn and gardens. The price is economical and the customer feedback surely suggests that it is an excellent product to purchase for satisfying ones trimming needs.

Here we have discussed the most reliable product review weed trimmers, you can find online. Whether you have to trim the grass line or get rid of weeds that are ruining your lawn, you can find and pick the one that suits your unique needs according to the level of ease, features you require and the size of the lawn you have to cater. We are sure you will find the best one for you.

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