Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment

A beautiful lawn is everyone’s delight. But the major challenge for any home owner is maintaining that lawn, especially when they have a dog. Dog urine can cause a lot of damage to the grass because of the toxic chemical in their urine. In case if you have an incontinent dog, you may have to face a lot of trouble inside home and in your backyard lawn as well.

Your lawn can change its entire beautiful look to something else entirely if your dog finds his way to pee there. You may not be able to prevent them from peeing there entirely. So what do you do in this condition? With the introduction of certain products, this problem can be solved easily. Dogonic lawn repair treatment is especially meant to take care of lawns that may have damaged due to dog urine.

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How is dog urine dangerous to the lawn?

There is the presence of excess nitrogen in dog urine. This nitrogen is released every time the dog urinates on the lawn. The chemical is responsible for causing brown or yellow spots, which is the symptom of lawn burn.

How can dogonit lawn repair treatment help?

Dogonit is used to prevent urine burns on the lawn. The formula contains --enzymes, and acids. It flushes nitrogen salts from the roots of the grass and stimulates root growth. This is done by opening compact soil which opens space for plant nutrients, water, air, and soil.

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All you need to do is spray it on the area where the dog has urinated. Afterwards, you flush with water. When you spray this formula on time, it could prevent nitrogen burn on the grass. However, it should be noted that dogonit does not provide cure for an already burnt grass. Instead, it is used to prevent the condition.

How to use dogonit lawn repair treatment?

Although the instruction for using dogonit is simple, the process is not as straightforward as a lot of people think. For effective results, the sprayer needs to understand susceptible grasses, dog diets, and general understanding of their dog. They need to learn how best to dilute urine using water in order to reduce the excess nitrogen in the soil.

Understanding the urinating pattern of dogs

Generally, female dogs can urinate anywhere. Between them and male dogs, they urinate more frequently. So, the concentration of nitrogen in their urine is usually higher. Male dogs on the other hand start marking their spots as they grow older.

Their burst of urine can be easily handled. But when they choose a marking spot and urinate their frequently, it becomes harder to clean. Apparently, bigger dogs make more of a mess than smaller dogs when it comes to the concentration of their urine.

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Controlling their Diet

You can significantly reduce the concentration of nitrogen on your dog’s urine when you avoid or reduce serving them certain foods. For instance, dog foods with high level of protein usually increase the level of nitrogen in their urine. Dry dog foods have less water and more protein than canned dog foods. Overall, if you add water to their dry foods, it will help to significantly reduce the nitrogen concentration in their urine.

Use after watering

Dogonit may not be very effective on its own until and unless it is used after watering the area. When you flush the urine with high volumes of water, it goes a long way to clean off some of the nitrogen concentration. Afterwards, you can spray the area with Dogonit for maximum result. Some people make the mistake of flushing only with water, thinking it will flush away everything in the peeing spot.

Water alone cannot work here. This is because nitrogen is far more difficult to diffuse even if you poor high volume of water. The water will just act as a fertilizer and even burn the grass quicker. The best solution here is to use Dogonit after you have finished flushing with water.

Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment
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Low pH urine is the major cause of burnt grass in your lawn. When the urine reached the roots of the grass, it won’t take too long to see the effect on the grass. The grasses will start turning yellow after few days, which is a sign they are being burnt out. But with dogonit, you can prevent this from occurring. But you have to be vigilant to discover the peeing spot on time. When the grass has already turned yellow, you may need more time and effort to revive the spots.

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