Weed Eater Buying Guide

What is a weed eater?

A weed eater is a sophisticated tool which is used for edging/cutting dense and tall grass with ease. The founding company of this tool was named after this in 1971. The idea for the tool was derived from the spinning nylon bristles of an automatic car wash. “Trimmer” and “weed whacker” are names that can be used interchangeably for the same thing. It is just that people in different geographical locations have given it different names.

Types of weed whackers:

Such tools can be of a variety of different types and their applicability can be specific for some specific needs. Therefore, it requires users to investigate wisely as which type of trimmer would best suit their needs. The following is a list of some of the most common types of trimmers, which will give you the right idea about their usability and applicability in different grass trimming needs:

Gas powered whackers – The gasoline powered trimmers are the most common, in-demand, and the highly versatile of all the types. They operate by utilizing gas or a mixture of oil with gas, which primarily depends on their manufacturer’s specifications and/ or model.


This type is the most powerful of all.

  • They can operate in large areas as they are not restricted physically by any power cord.
  • They can do heavier grass trimming jobs by cutting and holding more.


  • They are found to be much heavier than their other counterparts.
  • They are difficult to start and may produce further difficulties in starting in colder weather conditions.
  • Their operational noise can be quite loud as compared to the other types.
  • They might demand extra maintenance which means considerable ongoing/operational cost.
  • They are usually bulkier and the lightest one can be anywhere near 10 pounds.

Best Suitable for:

This type is most suitable for trimming tall and dense grass.

Corded/ Electric whackers –The electric weed eater offers a whole range of its specific benefits. It uses electricity as a source to operate. They are smaller in size and are much easier to operate on small scale trimming jobs.


  • You do not need to tune-up them, which means they require lesser to no ongoing maintenance.
  • They are compact in size and they usually do not weigh too much or anywhere nearer the gasoline whackers.
  • They do not produce excessive unwanted noise while operating.
  • They are easier to operate with just a push of a button.


  • This type restricts you to a relatively smaller geographical area due to its limited electric cord.
  • The lesser power produced also restrict you for some lighter and less dense grass trimming jobs as they are not as powerful as the gasoline powered type.

Best suitable for:

This type is best suitable for trimming grass in relatively small size lawn having the power source outlet in close approximation.

Cordless/ battery operated – The cordless/ battery operated type is very quickly gaining popularity for its ease of use and versatility for the user. It uses a battery to operate which can be recharged.


  • This type is best regarded for its free and easy mobility with no limitation of corded wire to carry on along with.
  • They are found to be quite good and effective to trim around the edges of the lawn.


  • They are found to be much heavier than the corded/ electric counterparts.
  • The battery might need a frequent charge which limits you to operate for a limited amount of time before the battery drains out.
  • Battery of such tool usually deteriorates in performance with time, which requires a recharge and can be quite expensive.

Best suitable for:

They are most suitable for trimming the edges of the lawn as the easy maneuverability allows user to free his arm with ease around the edges.

They are quite good to operate on tall grass.

Hybrid – The hybrid whackers actually are 2 in 1 type which are electric and can also operate on a battery. They are quite versatile and the most innovative type that the potential users can ever come across.


  • Versatility is their best part and they carry the best of both the electric and the battery operated types.
  • They are quite powerful and can operate in tall grass in relatively larger size lawns.


  • This type can be very expensive.
  • They are usually very bulkier.

Best suitable for:

  • You can use them in lawns where you have variable needs or where you do not have access to electricity or the power source outlet all the time.
  • This type can work well on tall grass trimming.

Things to look for while buying a weed whacker:

There are quite a number of things which you need to be wary of while buying such a tool, no matter whichever type you prefer. The following are some key points to ponder while you go on with buying any type of weed trimmer:

  • Begin your search by estimating your needs such as the size of your lawn, density/length of the grass,your budget, etc.
  • Evaluate the different types of whackers such as the electric, cordless, and gasoline-powered based on their features and the production house.
  • If your needs are vast and include large lawns with tall grass and tough weeds, then look for a commercial-grade line trimmer.
  • Always look for extra value options such as a shoulder strap,extra batteries (if applicable), warranty, etc. Further, there are also some specialized models which are especially designed to work around the edges of the lawn, driveways, sideways, etc.

The final and probably the most useful trimmer buying tip is to shop online for such tools. This will help you to get the best price offers and also a chance to see the customer reviews/feedback.

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