How To Use A Spray Gun With Air Compressor

As far as do-it-yourself hobs go, using a spray gun with air compressor is a fairly basic concept. However, the fact that it’s a basic task doesn’t make it very straightforward. You still have to do things right to get the job done properly. No everyone will understand the method. If you want to know how to use a spray gun with an air compressor, read on to find out how.

Prepare painting area and select the paint

Choose the right paint and thinner for the task. Generally, oil-based paints are the best to use with an air compressor. However, latex and acrylics can be used as well. You should make sure a good thinner is added too. This will ensure the proper flow of thick paint through the nozzle, metering valve assembly, and siphon tube.

Then prepare the painting area. Spread scrap lumber, sheet plastic, or drop cloth on the furniture or floor. Any adjacent area that may be affected by the paint should also be protected. You wouldn’t want to give yourself a lot of cleaning tasks after the painting job.

Wear safety and protective gears

Gloves, safety glasses, or respirator are necessary to protect you particulates and dangerous fumes. Dust or sand off the area you need to paint. The area needs to be as smooth and clean as possible before using the spray gun.

Remember that sprayers can create a mess on a poorly thinned section. Thinning the paint before you begin will help you avoid this issue. And most paint manufacturers usually include paint thinning in their user manual. You can read through the manual to have an idea on the proper method of thinning the paint.

Set everything up

To get started with spraying, place the tubes and hoses in the right outlets. Then plug the spray into the appropriate outlet. When you’ve successfully plugged everything in their rightful place, the system will be ready.

Turn on the spray gun

After attaching everything, it is now time to turn on your spray gun. The PSI level should be properly adjusted to suit the type of painting job you want to do. Select the right type of pressure setting for the task. Selecting a pressure setting at first may not be easy, but it will get easy with time.

You also need to test the spray gun. Do that on a sheet of paper. This will enable you to find out the optimal pressure levels for the task.

Mix the right amount of paint for the task.

Make sure you mix the paint properly. Otherwise, there may be some lumps within the paint, which will not be great. The lumps may block the metering valve or siphon tube. This may disrupt the proper flow of the paint. After mixing the paint, transfer into a separate container.

To spray the paint, squeeze the trigger and move as you do so. This will prevent the paint from dripping due to over application.

Start painting

Fill up the paint into the spray gun and lock effectively. Make sure it is properly locked to prevent any leakage when spraying.

After the initial setup of the spray gun and painting area, you can start painting. The spray gun and the air compressor will perform the majority of the tasks as long as everything is put in place.

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As stated earlier, learning how to use a spray gun with an air compressor is very easy. But bear in mind that the nozzle should be kept at least 5 to 10 inches from the painting surface. As you paint, move in a sideways or up and down motion to get the paint even on the surface.


If you are not sure how to use a spray gun with an air compressor, we are sure you know now. It’s not rocket science to paint with the air compressor. As long as you have set up the painting area and prepare your spray gun, you will do just fine. If you are using it for the first time, it may not be too simple for you. But, just like other do-it-yourself tasks, it gets easier with time.

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