Best Pump Sprayer for Stain

The best pump sprayer for stain is a need for every household these days. It is because the majority of people these days want to take the maximum amount of their home maintenance in hand both for economic reasons and also to have the quality of the end-result in their own hands. A pump sprayer is needed for getting your fence and deck etc. free of stain, rust and to counter their deterioration in the best possible manner and to make such things as good as a new one. A pump sprayer ensures that the stain spraying job reaches out to all parts of the object in the most controlled manner. The unit also ensures to accommodate the required chemicals which are must for accomplishing the task. The nozzle plays a pivotal role in managing the desired quantity of the paint/ chemical to be sprayed over the fence or deck.

Buying Guide:

  • Start by evaluating the size/ capacity of the pump sprayer. This specification matters in order to help you finish the job with a solution prepared one time and not requiring a refill.
  • The quality and performance of the nozzle is a pivotal consideration as a high quality and a multi-directional nozzle would allow you to spray from multiple positions and also offer you full control for the quantity to be sprayed over the object.
  • Think about the availability and quality of the pressure relief valve which would help a great deal for the release of the excess pressure from the pump sprayer.
  • The user would definitely find the locking trigger highly useful as it would result in less fatigue, which otherwise could be very tiring when the user has to control that manually as per the situation.
  • The product considering its nature and the type of job should ideally be capable of withstanding harsh chemicals, such as being facilitated with the O-rings or the Viton gasket like features etc.

Top 3 best pump sprayer for stain

#1. Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer, 1-Liter

This pump sprayer is probably the best selling product in the category, mainly because of its quality, features and the value offered to the customers. It comes with a capacity of 1 liter of paint/chemical to be accommodated. This is a very compact and lightweight unit which allows the user to do the task using one hand only. The unique selling point of this sprayer is its chemical resistant ability where a seal is employed for giving extended use when dealing with some harsh chemicals.

Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer, 1-Liter
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  • The nozzle that comes with the unit is a multi-directional one which enables user to spray from any possible position. This is especially useful to reach congested and blind spots of the fence that is being stain-treated.
  • The unit comes with a useful locking trigger which is ideal for lessening any kind of user fatigue.
  • The user will benefit a lot with the special drip/ drift guard which gives supplementary control for the spot treatment jobs.
  • There is a much-needed pressure relief valve which would work for releasing excess pressure, as and when required from the pump sprayer.


  • There are some design limitations especially in holding the unit when it comes to opening the container for refilling purposes.

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#2. Chapin 30600 2-Gallon Professional Tri-Poxy Steel Deck Sprayer

The product looks promising in delivering value to the user needs especially with its massive 2-gallon capacity. It is an ideal product for staining jobs particularly with the help of its design which makes the job quicker and easier. The manufacturer has especially worked on the ease of using this product while having a steel deck tri-poxy sprayer and also making use of the ergonomics quite well.

Chapin 30600 2-Gallon Professional Tri-Poxy Steel Deck Sprayer
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  • It is one of the most durable pump sprayers for stains that you would ever see. It comes with a 4-inch wide mouth which makes this durable tank easy to be refilled and also for cleaning.
  • You may deploy the nozzle for having fine, medium and the coarse type of spray patterns.
  • The handle of the unit is ergonomic which makes handling and pumping fatigue-less.
  • The unit is versatile and is found to be compatible with the transparent stains, deck cleaners and as well as the sealers.


  • This is a limited pump sprayer and it is not compatible with the nontransparent type stains.

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#3. Chapin 19049 Xtreme 3.5 Gallon Industrial Concrete Open Head Sprayer 

This is a sturdy and a heavy duty pump sprayer with a capacity as much as 3.5 gallons. This product can handle all harsh chemicals with ease, which is all thanks to the gaskets and Viton seals design of the unit. Further, it also helps you to accomplish lengthy spraying jobs with ease considering all its versatile features.

Chapin 19049 Xtreme 3.5 Gallon Industrial Concrete Open Head Sprayer For Curing Compounds
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  • This can handle extreme chemicals including the likes of Toluene, Xylene, Acetone, and Naphtha etc.
  • Cleaning is made far easy with the inclusion of the wand, brass pump, nozzle and the much-needed shut-off with the lock feature that supports durability as well.
  • There is a special tri-lock feature which ensures the tightening of the spray pump cap with no accidental leakage.
  • It comes with 4-inch mouth opening which is ideal for ensuring easy refilling and also provide ease of cleaning.


  • Spraying with the fan tip does not provide even and smooth staining or coating which is a bit of an issue with this product.

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Bottom Line

The best pump sprayer for stain is that product which comes with the specialized features such as having a wide mouth opening for refilling/ cleaning, versatile nozzle allowing variable spray pattern, ergonomic handle for stress free handling, ability to withstand harsh chemicals and also to have the required locking trigger for lessening any possible kind of user fatigue. On the other hand, the ideal pump sprayer should also meet your needs and it must offer the right tank capacity and should be compatible with the object for which you wish to have a product, fulfilling all your staining requirements.

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