Best vacuum for Intex pool

Grabbing the best vacuum for Intex pool was never as easy as it is today. The market is flooded with an enormous range of items from a number of different brands. However, each of them does not carry the same value for the user and demands some serious research to be done in terms of the performance and the overall quality of the product. The products under the intex brand are the most popular for their durability and the ability to accomplish pool cleaning tasks with excellence. Cleaning your over-ground pool means serious business as that is directly proportional to your health as uncleaned pools may cause some skin diseases and other health scares.

The main job of a pool vacuum cleaner is to collect all the debris and dust from the pool, with little to no human involvement. Such vacuum cleaners differ from the standard types used for in-house and/ or car cleaning. Therefore, several pool-specific features need to be considered which we will be discussed below with the top rated products in the market.

Buying Guide:

  • Determine your needs and then buy a specific vacuum cleaner which is ideal in terms of the size of your pool. A handheld product for a limited size pool could be a good option.
  • Before buying, try to find the user manual of the product that you are considering online. This will give you specific information about the product and also about its suitability with the cleaning of your pool.
  • Verify that the product that you are considering to buy has got good ability to deal with finer objects, such as sand and leaves etc.
  • The vacuum cleaner besides having a good suction power must also be very easy to maintain. Reusable filters are always preferable.
  • The customer feedbacks and comments about specific products found online could be a good criterion to make your decision about buying a specific product.

Top best vacuum for Intex pool:

#1. INTEX Automatic Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The effortless pool cleaning with this automatic robot above-ground vacuum cleaner is just next to perfection. The product is compatible with all the Intex pools that comes with 1.5-inch hoses. It is dependent on a pump that offers a flow rate between 1600gph to 4000gph for operating.

INTEX Automatic Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner
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  • This automatic robot vacuum cleaner has got the ability to reverse its direction in order to cover the whole swimming pool for cleaning.
  • It is capable of cleaning out the settled sand at the bottom of the pool and also the leaves with precision, where most of the other products struggle.
  • The unit comes along with a multi-section hose which could be adjusted as per the size of your over-ground swimming pool. So, the compatibility of the product according to different sizes of pools is just at its best.
  • The assembly of this sophisticated product is quite easy and its usage is even easier.


  • The flow regulator of the vacuum cleaner seems to have some issues as there are instances where it stops moving from time to time and this for users could be problematic for detailed pool cleaning.

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#2. Intex Automatic Vacuum Pool Cleaner

You really do not need any strategic placement of your over-ground pool (away from the trees) when you have such a brilliant and versatile Intex pool cleaner in hand. This heavy-duty cleaner is dependent on a filter pump that has a flow rate anywhere between 1600gph to 3500gph. The unit hooks up with the inlet connector along with its 24 feet above hose, in the pool.

Intex Automatic Vacuum Pool Cleaner
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  • This is an automatic pool cleaner and once set up properly, the cleaning would be completed hassle free with no human intervention.
  • A hose above 24 feet is good enough for covering a relatively large size over-ground pool or a spa.
  • The user manual for this sophisticated product is user-friendly and the customer support service is also excellent.
  • Practically, the performance of the product is excellent for years despite using it on daily basis.


  • Filter requires to be cleaned daily and also does not last long as it tears fairly easily.

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#3. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum with Telescoping Aluminum Shaft

This compact handheld pool vacuum cleaner means serious business and could handle any above ground pool or spa for cleaning of maximum 18 feet in diameter. It gives powerful suction with its useful rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. This one relies on the telescoping aluminum shaft for easy cleaning. You will get the product with a USB cable for convenient and quick charging.

Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum with Telescoping Aluminum Shaft
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  • The intex vacuum has no strings (cables) attached. You just need the aluminum telescoping shaft to get the cleaning job done with ease.
  • As with the practical experience of the existing users, the product works excellent with the picking of fine sand particles, leaves and straws as well.
  • The assembling of the product is easy. The usable filter cup is easy to clean which provides great service over a longer period of time, as per the experience of many of its customers.
  • A couple of brush heads (interchangeable) are included with the package to give precise output for specific cleaning tasks.


  • There is no battery timing indicator which is quite troublesome for users, especially in the middle of the cleaning job.

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Bottom Line

The best vacuum for Intex pool is simply the one that is not only a quality product but also something that precisely fulfill your needs. This is an extensively used product by the above-ground pool owners and requires performance that could deal with finer particles cleaning, such as leaves, grass and settled sand, rather than just cleaning things over the surface. There are handheld vacuum cleaners for the limited pool sizes and spas and there are some heavy duty cleaners available as well for relatively large size pools. The automatic feature is excellent and preferred by many for its convenience. The intelligent movement in terms of the direction of the pool in order to cover its entire area for cleaning is highly desirable.

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