Electric mop for wood floors review

This Electric mop for wood floors review would tell you about everything that you need to know in advance, before buying an electric mop to fulfill your domestic cleaning needs. They are a powerful cleaner which could be customized as per your specific cleaning needs. Wood floors look dapper in any home setting and at the same time, they demand utmost care in order to last for a long time. Any inappropriate cleaning method could cause serious damage to your floor and might not be reversible. They are good at giving cleaning not only on the surface but also a deep cleaning experience is achieved where the maximum amount of bacteria is killed.

Buying Guide:

  • The electric mop should allow you freedom in terms of the steam flow settings, so that you get the best desirable control over the mop, such as low, medium or high steam setting levels.
  • Ensure that the product you are considering is coming with the reusable/ washable mop pads.In order to enhance convenience, the product should come with a reasonably long power cord for completing the job without hassle.
  • The mop head should be flexible enough, such as a low profile one or with a swiveling head to get into tight corners with ease.
  • The ergonomic handle would be an excellent feature for comfortable usage, especially when cleaning large rooms.
  • Check for warranty as this is a must-have thing when buying an electric product. A 2-year warranty given from a reputed brand would make a good deal.

Top 3 Products:

#1. BISSELL Steam Mop for Hardwood Floor

The mopping experience using this electric tool promises to kill 99 percent of bacteria and other germs with its steam sanitization mechanism. The performance easily is twice better than most of the comparable products available in the market. The water tank is easily accessible at the top of the unit and could be easily refilled even when the cleaning job is in progress. This unit with a low profile mop head gives 3 in 1 mop features, such as scrubbing, sanitization and shining.

BISSELL Steam Mop for Hardwood Floor


  • The tool gives you full command over it by giving the low, medium and high levels of the steam being produced for cleaning.
  • Fragrance discs included are added benefit and when used with the steam cleaning, the end result would be a lot of freshness and fragrance in the room.
  • Apart from the hardwood floor, the equipment is equally viable for the stone, ceramic, tile, laminate, marble and the linoleum type of flooring.
  • The equipment provides users with an absolutely soft grip given over an equally ergonomic handle. So, the cleaning task always would be fatigue free.


  • Your foot is always in close approximation to the steam when pressing down your foot to use the scrubber, so be careful.

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#2. SharkNinja Steam Electric Mop

Technology is absolutely at its best with a mop having exceptional swiveling features in a compact unit that gives a powerful and safe performance on hardwood floors. There is a set of 2 interchangeable mop heads which let you clean a large room or different sections of the house with ease. A couple of washable pads are included to support your cleaning tasks for a larger number of times.

SharkNinja Steam Electric Mop


  • Three distinct steam power settings are included where you get the best dust, scrub and mop experience.
  • It is a lightweight product and comes with a heavy-duty construction. So for cleaning jobs, you could trust this one to last long with its specialty to clean the hardwood floors with ease.
  • The mop head of this electric tool is flexible and able to swivel. This means that you will be able to easily use the mop in the tight corners, or under the furniture without making too much effort from your side.
  • 2 premium washable pads are included which after multiple washes would give you at least 200 cleaning sessions before they should be replaced.


  • The operational sound of this steam mop is too loud for the comfort of the user or the people nearby in the house.

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#3. BISSELL Spinwave Electric Mop for Hardwood Floor

This specialized hardwood floor cleaner comes with a reasonably large enough water tank capacity of 28 oz. Very delicate pads are included for providing gentle cleaning which your hardwood floors surely deserves for maintaining their integrity and best shape over a longer period of time.

BISSELL Spinwave Electric Mop for Hardwood Floor


  • The effort required in cleaning is considerably reduced with the provided power spin pads which allows you to clean by standing tall and not demanding to put pressure on your knees.
  • The unit is capable of spraying on-demand on the floor so you get exactly the desired amount of spray for accomplishing your cleaning task.
  • Maneuvering of the unit is quite easy around the cleaning area and is capable of penetrating under the furniture in order to give you a deep cleaning experience.
  • You will get this product with a 2-year warranty which makes this an excellent deal overall.


  • The performance of the machine is not so reliable or convenient at the edge of an area rug.

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Bottom Line

The above electric mop for wood floors review is a comprehensive one in every aspect of the tool. We have seen that what features are the most critical ones, such as the different steam level settings, swiveling handle, water tank capacity, and ergonomic handle and having the machine washable mop pads. All this, when backed with a highly reputed brand that gives a reasonably long warranty, would always make a good deal for you. You just need to be sure about the quality of your hardwood floor, its limitations in cleaning and then choose the right product which precisely suits all your needs with ease. Never compromise for an electric steam mop just for the sake of price as low-quality products could damage your floor and may add a lot to your frustration.

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