Best car vacuum cleaner


Best car vacuum cleaner is an essential part of every car’s toolkit today. Sometimes, its need is on an emergency basis for cleaning up fluid spills and other spillovers in the car and sometimes you just need it occasionally to remove debris, dust or dirt from the vehicle. Either way, it is of huge benefit to the car owner in order to keep the vehicle neat and clean. There are some battery operated cordless models while some are the electrical corded appliances for which you require a power source nearby. It is perhaps the smallest vacuum cleaner in the category and also capable of producing powerful suction to do the cleaning job with ease.

Features to Consider:

  • Wall Plugin/ Automobile Powered – This is probably the most critical consideration for buying a car vacuum cleaner. You need to consider our needs and could decide whether you want a cordless vac cleaner that gets powered from your automobile or you want a more powerful cleaner which is corded and requires a power source nearby your car.
  • Design – In order to do the job perfectly in the car, the design has to be efficient in terms of its size and weight. Further, for effective car cleaning, the unit should be easily accessible to the tight areas and corners of the car for easy cleaning.
  • Suction Power – This will give you an indication of the performance of the cleaner. The better the suction power, the better would be the cleaning.
  • Accessories – All such tools come with some supporting accessories to do the cleaning job with precision. There are attachments available in order to treat a particular type of mess.


In order to evaluate quality, the following features must be considered:

  • Airflow
  • Motor Performance
  • Vacuuming
  • Fan’s airspeed
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Noise level of the motor
  • Power cord and the hose length
  • Ergonomics
  • Convenience of handling the operational switch

Types of Car Vacuum Cleaner:

The car vacuum cleaners are broadly categorized into the following 3 types:

  1. Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner – This type is a small, lightweight and compact car vacuum cleaner which gets its charging or operating source through the car’s 12V charger. These cordless models are easy to carry and easy to work around in the car. There is no dependency in using such type of a vacuum cleaner as you do not require a walled power source.
  2. Electric Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner – Just as the name suggests, this type is an electric corded one and requires a power source to operate. Therefore, in order to use this type, you are restricted to operate it anywhere where you have a power source nearby. The best part of this type is its performance which is very powerful than the above cordless type. Further, it comes with a variety of other functions and could handle the wet/ dry messy conditions in a very effective manner. Such types also have their usage in-house for doing the cleaning jobs.
  3. Battery Operated – They are very much like the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner but the major difference is that they are battery operated. The good part is their better portability and storage.

Benefits of Using the Car Vacuum Cleaner:

  • They are powerful devices which are capable of giving customized cleaning for your cars.
  • For emergency spills or regular cleaning of dust and dirt in the car, nothing could beat the performance of a car vacuum cleaner.
  • You can use various attachments to treat a particular type of mess in the car.
  • A car vacuum cleaner would save you from a service station trip to get your car cleaned so it is economically feasible as well.
  • With a handheld cordless device, you can get your car clean in the middle of nowhere. You can carry it easily in your car on every road trip.

How and Who Could Use the Product?

A car vacuum cleaner could be used by anyone who owns a car. People who are particular about the maintenance of this car will find this as a very handy tool. Car owners traveling with kids or pets would find it handy to take out just a few minutes to completely clean the car. The car vacuum cleaner could handle both the wet and dry mess conditions so it is an all-rounder product and people dealing with such mess on daily basis would love to possess such a tool.

Top 5 best car vacuum cleaner for you to buy:

To make it easier for you, we have analyzed and sorted some of the best products based on the best possible features:

#1. Vacmaster Portable VP205 Vacuum Cleaner

Vacmaster is a true master in the vacuum cleaning field and this VP205 model is a clear proof of that. This powerful product is capable of doing effective spot cleaning and also could do well with the detailed cleaning of your car. This electric corded vacuum comes with an 8-feet power cord and a 4-feet hose to do the job reasonably effectively. It comes with a 2 in 1 type utility nozzle and a crevice tool. Reusable type of foam sleeve and cloth filter are also included in the package for added benefit.

Vacmaster Portable VP205 Vacuum Cleaner


  • As it operates with water and could do both wet/ dry cleaning, so the auto shut/ off feature provides maximum benefit to restrict any overflow of the equipment unknowingly.
  • This could easily convert to a blower from a vacuum and this would bring more effectiveness to the cleaning of your car when needed.
  • The vacuum comes with multiple tools which all could be stored on the unit. So, you would not be required to do much to manage your tools.
  • The product comes with a 2-year warranty which is probably the maximum that you could get from any manufacturer.


  • The cleaning hose would be ideal if it was a little longer and you really do not need to stretch more into doing the cleaning job effectively in your car.

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#2. Hikeren Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car

This is a handheld multifunctional cleaning equipment to treat both the wet and dry mess in your car. It comes with 3 useful interface accessories, such as Brush, Long Mouth and the Soft Long Tube for versatile cleaning. This 12V output tool could produce a suction power between 4300 to 4500 PA. It is a lightweight equipment and has a 5-meter power cord to switch inside your car charger.

Hikeren Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Car


  • The product comes with a HEPA stainless steel filter and it also has the certification of CE, ROHS. All this stamps quality and safety for the users.
  • The usage of this product is stress-free as it produces a low operational noise of just 75dB. On top of that, the 5-meter power cord also makes it easier to access different corners of the car with ease.
  • The customer service is exceptional and for any query, they reach you back within 24 hours.
  • The product comes with useful accessories such as a piece of brush mouth, soft long tube and a long mouth for handling dirt, dust, debris and wet mess with ease.


  • The vacuum power is not good enough for clearing large debris and you also require frequent dumping of the waste.

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#3. ArmorAll Wet/ Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This is an electric corded vacuum cleaner to handle both wet/ dry conditions effectively. It produces 2HP peak power and has a water tank with 2.5-gallon capacity. A 10-feet cord and a 6-feet hose brilliantly handle both the wet and dry cleaning conditions. It is versatile and besides using it in the car, you could also trust it for effective in-house cleaning.

ArmorAll Wet/ Dry Vacuum Cleaner


  • The unit is compact and easy to handle. The hose is contained inside the canister part of the vacuum and that makes moving of the cleaner quite easy.
  • The water tank of 2.5-gallon capacity is good enough for lasting a complete round of cleaning with ease.
  • The unit offers auto shut/ off feature for preventing any accidental overflow of the cleaner.
  • The vacuum can act as a blower very conveniently and this is a must-have feature for effective car interior cleaning.


  • The brush tends to fall apart from the attachment quite frequently which is quite frustrating.

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#4. Holsea Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Car

This is one of the powerful handheld vacuum cleaners to fulfill your comprehensive car cleaning needs. The cleaner offers a suction power of 500PA and 80W output which is quite good for a compact handheld device. It has a 5-meter long power cable and has a dust collector bag of 0.5L.

Holsea Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Car


  • The cleaner is supported by triple filtering which helps in giving 50 percent better results in cleaning and avoid any secondary pollution charges.
  • It comes with a HEPA stainless steel filter which is environmentally safe, durable and reusable as well where cleaning is possible easily with water. You will not be required to buy any costly replacements at all.
  • The 0.5L dust collector bag is large enough to support 3 complete cleaning rounds.
  • The premium quality motor of the vacuum cleaner is 30 percent more resourceful in suction and also consumes 20 percent less energy as compared to its competitors in the car vacuum cleaner category.


  • The product could have been even better if it was able to clean away the dried grass that gets stuck on the floor mats of your car.

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#5. Black + Decker Lithium Battery Operated Car Vacuum Cleaner

This is a compact and lightweight device for effective and powerful cleaning with its lithium battery powered motor. The battery could last for 10 hours on a single charge and could be your big support on both short and long trips with easy car storage.

Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen-Reducing Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter


  • It has a wide shaped mouth which is effective for collecting a large piece of debris with ease.
  • The tool comes with brush accessory to access hard to reach car areas and an upholstery accessory is also included for seat/ upholstery cleaning.
  • For a compact device like this one, it has a reasonable good bowl capacity. The bowl and the filter are easily washable which means added convenience.
  • It may also be used inside the house for picking up debris, dust, dirt and pet hairs etc.


  • The charging plug is too small for catering the needs of the majority of the users.

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Buying Guide:

  • Analyze your needs and shortlist a product based on its specifications, features, design and other notable traits. A quality product not satisfying your needs is worthless to buy.
  • Find out about the value-added features of the product such as having some useful attachments, lightweight, and compact design or maybe an ergonomic handle to do the job without having any physical strain.
  • If you are buying an electric corded one then make sure that the product has a long enough power cord to give you easy access to the power source.
  • As such devices are technical and require a good bit of prior knowledge to use them effectively. Therefore, make sure that your product comes with an excellent and detailed user manual. On top of that, the customer support of the product should also be exceptional in order to address your issues.
  • Shortlist a product based on its features and specifications analyzed by the existing customers. This will give you the best idea about the quality and usefulness of the product.
  • Look for the warranty and you can get the best products giving 1 to 2 years of warranty.


The best car vacuum cleaner is that product which satisfies all your needs. In order to find the perfect tool, you need to first pick one depending on its types, such as, you want a corded electric vacuum cleaner or a cordless handheld car vacuum cleaner. In order to measure performance, you need to be careful about its major features such as suction power, power output, airflow, vacuuming, fan’s airspeed, size, weight and the ergonomics etc. If all these features are of top quality and meet or exceed your needs and expectations then you would surely be having a top product in your hand.

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