Best amplifier for your car

amplifier for your car

If you are looking to gear up your car with the most productive amplifier then you are at the right place. It is true that buying a quality amplifier for your car is a very daunting project as there are so many sophisticated features associated with the purchase. However, we have made it easier for you through this comprehensive guide where you will get to know about the best amplifier brands inside out.

The following key features associate with the car amplifiers would be scrutinized for specific products:

  • Wattage
  • Ohm Stability
  • Compactness
  • Applicability
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Warranty

Kicker Mono Class D Amplifier 12 ZXS1500.1

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This one is a gaffer among its counterparts when it comes to give you the best value for your money. It offers 1500W of power and has the smallest chassis that you can ever have for a monoblock RMS Class D amplifier for your car. The product originates from the most resourceful and reliable ZX-Series, which promises quality and durable performance. Moreover, the MOSFET supply eliminates all the concerns associated with the electronic aspect of the equipment. LED light source is used for indicating the power which makes its operational status quite easy to judge for the user. The dimensions of the amplifier are 13 x 9 x 2 inches approximately which makes it a space efficient solution for your car. This is further complemented with its fairly light weight of 9.8 pounds only. The 1500W offers 2 Ohms stability and the performance is outstanding, just as good as to shake the entire car with its enormous sound. Finally, it is the warranty that the majority of the buyer looks for and the manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years would definitely please them.

PowerBass Amplifier 3000 Watts

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This is by far the best product on offer from the PowerBass amplifier manufacturer and also a top notch product among its other competitors available in the market. The obvious reason is its maximum output power of 3000W with 1 Ohm stability. Quality is never compromised at the standard output power of 1500W x 1 1 Ohm continuous or 750W x 1 2 Ohm continuous setting. Another limited but highly useful setting is 325 x 1 4ohmcontinuous and is one of the most productive ones for cars in everyday use. The electronic crossover falling in the diverse range of 40- 250 Hertz also makes it the best amplifier in the market. The immense qualities are not just limited to this but the fully adjustable type of the Bass EQ of 18dB with 40 Hertz at center takes the sound experience at a class apart. The subsonic filter of the product offers a variable setting in the range of 15 – 50 Hertz. If you compare the price of the product with its specifications then it is quite a productive deal to make. On top of that, 1 year warranty is also part of the deal.

Kenwood mono car amplifier

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Kenwood name needs no introduction in the world of electronics and their KAC 9106 amplifier for cars is nothing short of exceptional. It offers a maximum output of 2000W and the price is very much affordable; rather on the lower side as compared with many of its counterparts. This Class D monoblock amplifier weighs just a touch under 4 pounds and have dimensions of 15 x 10 x 4 inches approximately. It requires 1 x 12V batteries to operate and gives a reasonably good run time. The product is far more productive than your imagination as it could be used even for powering the MTX terminators and the 2 sets of subwoofers driving the Kenwood surely hit hard in your car. The most user friendly and the best tried setting of this woofer is either at 600W at 2 ohms. In short it has got all the features that any music enthusiast would look for having the best car amplifier of medium level range. The manufacturer offer1 year service/ replacement warranty and 60 days money back guarantee as well if you are not satisfied with its performance.

Pioneer Class D amplifierwith wired bass remote

[newimgbox imgalt="Pioneer Class D amplifierwith wired bass remote" imgurlid="61sVvR9aPtL" asin="B00CFX58YI"]

Pioneer brand is the most authentic one among the masses and their GM D861 Class D monoblock amp is a very popular product amongst the car audio system lovers. It is by far their top selling product and gives buyers a very economical option for a product capable of giving maximum power of 1600 Watts. It has a strong built, compact design and offers 1 Ohm stability along with variable LPF. The total weight of the unit is a little over 16 pounds, but the compact size would make it easily installed in your car. If you are seeking information regarding the RMS of this best audio amplifier , then you will be pleased to know that it offers 800W at 1 ohm, 500W at 2 ohm and 300W at 4 ohm. You can maximize the productivity of this unit by hooking one or even 2of the Pioneer subwoofers. Furthermore, the wired remote for bass boosting makes it further convenient and productive to use. The dimensions of the unit are 13 x 11 x 5 inches and you will enjoy it with an exclusive 1 year warranty offer.

Hifonics Class D Monoblock Amplifier

[newimgbox imgalt="Hifonics Class D Monoblock Amplifier" imgurlid="411ZgH823sL" asin="B00696PTZU"]

If you want convenience, class, productivity, economy all in one car amplifier, then the Hfi1000.1d Class D monoblock amplifier could be one of the top choices for you. It offers maximum output power of 1000W You can tune it for 475W at 4 ohms, 750W at 2 ohms and finally 1000W at 1 ohm stability. The unit comes with a built in type of a crossover low pass filter working in the range of 30 – 250 Hertz and also a subsonic filter for 15 – 35 Hertz range. It has sturdy built, weight of nearly 9 pounds and the overall dimensions of16 x 10 x 3 inches approximately. 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty is offered with the product. It is easier to install it, but professional installation services are recommended as any breakage during installation could make the warranty void. It is highly recommended for people on budget and for those who are not looking to compromise over performance and quality of the product.

Make sure you choose the right amplifier for your car. You should consider the compatibility options and be sure the chosen car amplifier is compatible with your car audio system and has the size that can easily be fitted with the system. You can choose the best one for your car by comparing the features, determining its stability and power and compatibility options. We hope you will find this guide helpful.

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