Things you need to know about pregna belly maternity belly shoes

Elevato shoes are your classical “elegance meets comfort shoes”. With the mindset to make the customer their crowning glory, Elevato has not fallen short with the Pregna Belly Maternity Belly shoes.


  • Slip-on female shoes made of absorbent lycra and flexi leather.
  • Comes in plain colors
  • Dutch flat sole with anti skid and anti slippage features.
  • Expandability feature: this shoe is able to expand and contract by one size difference.
  • Made with breathable and absorbent material.
  • Has aloe vera in the in-soles to make the shoe more absorbent and sweat free.
  • It features a fleece lining to enhance comfort
  • Rounded edges to prevent toe pinching
  • It features a simple yet elegant design and comes in all sizes


Pregnancy will trigger drastic changes in your body such as weight gain, changes in body contour and shifts in centre of gravity. Your feet are prone to bear the brunt, as they are responsible to do the heavy carrying. That is why you need to give them as much support and comfort as you can afford, for your safety and that of your growing child.

Investing in Pregna belly maternity belly shoes will afford you the following benefits:

Breathable shoes

Pregna belly maternity shoes are made from lycra and flexi-leather which are breathable fabrics. Breathability is further enhanced by aloe vera extract which is added to the in-soles. With these, your feet will be able to breathe so there will be no sweat and bad odor emanating from your feet.

Expandable shoes

With pregnancy, expect your feet to expand by a size or two. You do not need to keep buying bigger shoes as these Pregna bellies are custom built to accommodate the size changes.

Ease heel and arch pain

As you weight piles up, your feet may begin to feel the pressure. This will result in strain on your feet ligaments and tendons.

This shoe supports and cushions your arches and the ball of your feet to ease the pressure. This way, you will not be in pain whenever you walk or stand for a long time.

Flat heels prevent varicose veins

Towards the end of your pregnancy, your lower limb circulation may diminish causing blood to pool in the veins. When this happens, you may notice large veins protruding through your skin. Not only is this an unpleasant sight to behold, but varicose veins may also be painful and itchy. The flat heels of these shoes enhance circulation and exercise the calf muscles, hence preventing the formation of varicose veins.

Flat heels prevent sprains and falls

During pregnancy the hormone relaxin increases in the body. This causes changes in the pelvis and increases your chances of falling or getting a sprain injury. The flat soles of these shoes give support to your feet and minimize your chances of falls and sprains.

Easy to wear

As your pregnancy progresses it will become increasingly hard to stoop down to tie laces and wear shoes. This show is a slip on; you do not need to stoop down to wear it. And there are no laces to tie, you literally slip them on and move.


As much as you are pregnant you have no excuse to look sloppy. This shoe is both stylish and elegant. It also comes in plain colors meaning that you can easily match it with any outfit.


The Lyrca and leather combination is durable and easy to clean.


Even with all the great features, Elevato places a great emphasis on affordability. You will not need to break the Bank to rock this amazing pair of bellies!

When elegance meets comfort and affordability, it is impossible to resist. That is why you must get yourself a pair of Pregna belly maternity belly shoes before time runs out or you could find some other fabulous maternity shoes you may love to wear on and get a relaxed walk as your maternity days pass on.

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