Best Wave Products for Coarse Hair

360 degree wave has been around for many years now. And its popularity is not fading anytime soon. There are different products in the market that can help anyone maintain this curly hair style. However, before we delve into finding products that will give you the ideal 360 degree waves you crave, it will be nice to find out whether you really have a coarse hair. The best place to start is to know what a coarse hair really is.

What is coarse hair?

Coarse hair simply refers to the level of thickness of the hair, often compared with a piece of sewing thread. If your hair is thicker than a piece of sewing thread, you probably have a course hair. In addition to that, the level of silkiness is lower on such hair and that is why thicker, rougher hair are categorized as coarse hair.

But if not, your hair is fine or just between fine and coarse. Coarse hair texture usually has the largest and widest circumference compared to others. It is often stubborn for styling, frizzes, and dries out more often.

What is coarse hair

Coarse Hair and Curly Hair

Coarse hair is often confused with curly hair. The truth is, these are two different types of hair. However, it’s possible for one individual to have both a coarse and curly hair.

Yes, very possible.

With the right product, you can get your coarse hair curly as well.

Coarse Hair and Curly Hair

Waves on Coarse Hair

Coarse hair normally feels rough in texture. That’s why it’s often more difficult to make 360 degree waves out of this type of hair. It has the largest diameter of all hair types, making it less responsive to roll into waves.

However, it can be possible with the right care and product. You first have to make the hair to be able to curl to the wave pattern.

It can be -more time consuming- compared to the response of other hair types. But once the waves form on coarse hair, it remains in that position for a very long time.

Whatever wave pattern you’ve made it into, it stays that way. That is one good thing about coarse hair.

Challenges Getting 360 Degree Waves On coarse Hair

As has been mentioned earlier, the diameter of coarse hair is larger than needed to create wave patterns.

It is prone to having dry ends and moisture evaporation. But some moisturizing products can help to soften and tame the frizziness.

If you have a coarse hair, you will need to straighten your hair more regularly. Incorrect or frequent heat processing may actually work against your progress to get waves on a coarse hair.

So, using the right styling products with good moisturizing properties is the right way to go.

There are lots of these products available in the market. But be careful not to select a product with excess amount of silicone. At least, it shouldn’t be part of the major ingredients. Buying a moisturizing product with silicone as a major ingredient can result to what is usually termed “silicone burn”. It’s a dullness and brittleness of the hair which is even worse than hair frizzing.

Comparing straight hair and coarse hair for 360 degree waves

Those with straight hair may not have to work very hard to get 360 degree waves, unlike individuals with coarse hair. It is naturally sleek. In other words, it responds better to 360 degrees wavy patterns than coarse hair. That is why most hair stylists often covet straight hair whenever they want to style to a different pattern.

Coarse hair on the other hand is more difficult to style. It just takes more effort. This is why some persons may feel reluctant to wash their coarse hair on a regular basis. But regularly shampooing your coarse hair will promote a healthier hair environment. This in turn leads to healthy hair growth.

When you are buying a shampoo for your coarse hair, settle for water soluble products. Water base products will keep your hair more moisturized and supple. Of course, you will need a lot of that for a coarse hair.

Best Wave Products for Coarse hair

It is true that proper care of your hair like frequent washing, oiling, and drying, can help you form a wavy hair. But you need to make use of certain products to maintain your 360 degree waves for a long time.

Some products are specially made to help you with this. In this section, we are going to mention some of the best products on Amazon that can give you that wavy hair you desire. These are some of the best wave products for coarse hair.

Best Moisturizer For 360 Waves

If you are looking for the best moisturizer for 350 degree waves, there are a couple of good products you can get on Amazon. As I Am Daily Moisturizer is one of such products. This moisturizer is a complex mixture of organic oils and natural butter. It softens the hair, allowing it to respond swiftly to any wave pattern you want. You may also love the fact that it contains Vitamin B5 for added protection to your hair.

WaveBuilder Ripple Cream is another excellent example of 360 wave moisturizer for coarse hair. If you want proper conditioning and superior moisturizing, this cream will do a great job. It works like an alternative to pomade by keeping your hair soft and ready for waving pattern.

Another top option is the Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner, which works both as a moisturizer and hair protector. It is ideal for hairs suffering from dryness and frizziness. It conditions the hair and transforms it into a shiny and soft hair ready for 360 degree waves.

Best Natural Hair Products For 360 Waves

Apart from moisturizers, there are some other products that can help you maintain 360 degree waves on your hair. Weather you have a coarse hair or a straight one, WaveBuilder Wave Cap will certainly help to form wave pattern. You have to wear this one at the initial stages of the process. Wear it every night to accelerate the 360 degree wave process. It surely does a great job.

WaveBuilder Cocoa and Shea Wave Butter is a wave formation hair cream for coarse hair. It adds superior shine, moisture, and life to the overall texture of the hair. To use this cream, apply immediately before brushing your hair. The more you apply, the faster your hair will respond to 360 degree wave patterns.

Best Wave Grease

It’s not just enough to try to build a 360 degree wave on your hair. Maintaining it is another important aspect to consider. And wave grease is the best product to use for such maintenance. There are some good products you can get from Amazon.

A perfect example is the Suavecito Pomade Firm Hold. It’s water soluble grease for styling your hair just the way you want. It keeps your hair at the right curly 360 degree pattern for the whole day. One interesting thing about this wave grease is the fact that it washes off very easily.

Cold Label Wolfin Pomade is another good wave grease that provides enough stronghold on your waves. It keeps your hairs very obedient to the wave pattern for the whole day. All you need to do is apply the cream and brush your hair for few minutes. The cream will hold your hairs together for the remainder of the day.

If you want to try something different that is also cheaper, you could go for Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax. This product is made with purely natural ingredients for hair waves and hair protection. It’s also another water-based solution which is very easy to wipe off.

Best wave brush for coarse hair to maintain 360 degree waves.

If you are really serious about forming and maintaining 360 degree wave, you will need a good brush. Authentic Crown Wave Brush has medium-hard bristles that make your hairs obediently follow the brushing pattern. It helps to quickly enforce waves. Moreover, it is quite gentle on the scalp.

Torino Pro Wave Brush is another medium texture wave brush you can try. The reinforced bristles are strong for coarse hair. With the brush, you can easily maintain the 360 degree wave pattern.

You could also try WavEnforcer Premium Quality Boar Brush . It has the same bristle strength just like the Torino and Crown wave brush. The brush is perfect for coarse hair since the bristles are quite tough on hairs. But don’t worry about your scalp. The brush is mild on the scalp.


So many people believe that getting 360 degree wave hair is reserved for people with certain hair types. Yes, some hair types are more favorable for better and faster results than others. But in reality, almost anyone can form 360 degree wave patterns on their hair. It depends largely on the condition of the hair. With the right wave products, anyone can actually form and maintain wave hair.

Those with coarse hair, in particular, have some great products that can work for them. Based on our experience, we have mentioned the

best wave products for coarse hair

in different categories. As long as you make use of the right products, you too can have those attractive looking wave patterns you crave. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have.

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