Flight cages for small birds review

The flight cages for small birds review talks about the best flight cages which are convenient both for the bird and its master. A flight cage is a spacious one which allows the bird all he freedom to fly with ease. Since, it has a large amount of space so the inside of the cage is better facilitated for the birds to have a lovely time. On the other hand, the ideal flight cage should also be convenient in terms of cleaning, since it is a large piece of equipment and a bad cage may make the maintenance a complete nightmare. Apart from that, a few other critical features matters as well such as the presence of multiple perches and water cups along with convenient holders. In short, a complete package ideally should be good and spacious enough to care for multiple birds at once.

Buying Guide:

  • Verify in advance that the cage that you are consider to buying is as per your needs and also comfortable for the bird itself.
  • Birds love to have perch inside the cage so make sure you have one installed higher up inside the cage.
  • Ensure that the cage has reasonably wide amount of bar spacing to be comfortable enough for it.
  • Verify that the cage you are considering to buy has got cup holder for the bird to sip water while on the move with ease.
  • The cleaning of the bird’s cage is important and in this regard you could look to have a cage which has a bottom tray that could be dragged and then washed conveniently.

Top 3 Products:

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#1. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

This is a top end product for pet lovers who will find it with each and everything in one piece of equipment. The flight cage could be utilized for keeping multiple finches, parakeets or canaries inside the unit. You will have it with 4 pieces of the double plastic cups and then it also has 3 perches made of wood. The overall dimensions of the cage categorizes it in reasonably spacious flight cages and have the bars with ½ inch spacing. The flight cage is available in the dapper looking black color wrought iron material.

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage


  • The unit is made from sturdy wrought iron which calls for immense quality and long term usability of the product with no notable deterioration in quality from the day it arrived.
  • The drawer and the bottom grille of the flight cage could be very easily slide out so that you could clean it with ease, whenever cleaning is warranted.
  • The unit comes with 2 reasonably spacious front doors for easy access into the unit. It also a shelf at the bottom which gives good space for storage.
  • Assembling this wrought iron flight cage is quite convenient out of the box.


  • The perches included are all of large size for large birds. So, if you have any smaller size birds then separate perches needs to be purchased.

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#2. Large Double Flight Bird Wrought Iron Double Cage on Wheels

This is a large flight cage made from sturdy and stylish looking wrought iron. It has 3 different levels that meets and exceeds your needs. The bar spacing provide dis of ½ inch which is what most of the birds requires. It comes with a non-toxic safe powder coated finish which you could completely knock down and can assemble as well with ease, as and when required. Each of the cage in the unit comes with a separate slide out bottom pan and a slide out bottom grate.

Large Double Flight Bird Wrought Iron Double Cage on Wheels


  • The unit comes with caster wheels so that you can maneuver it easily inside the home as and when required.
  • There is a useful shelf given at the bottom of the unit which could be utilized for storing treats, toys and several other items with ease.
  • There are metallic ladders provided inside the cage for small birds which are highly loved by the birds to make full use of to get from one section to the other.
  • This flight cage provides a very large access door which serves as a separation between the lower pan and grate and also provides easy access to the bird owner for multiple reasons.


  • There is some wobbliness witnessed from the unit after it is assembled.

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#3. Prevue Pet Products 91340 Flight Bird Cage Kit

This is a complete flight bird cage kit which has got everything that your pet birds would need in a lovely environment. This is a suitable cage for the small to medium sized pet birds where the bar spacing is ideally adjusted to be safe for them. It has thin but reasonably sturdy bars. The overall weight is light enough to easily manage it around your house, in garden or in the sunroom.

Prevue Pet Products 91340 Flight Bird Cage Kit


  • This is a complete package where you can get a large size flight cage with multiple perches, treats and water cups.
  • There are special birds toys included in the package so you do not need to spend extra money on that.
  • The design of the flight cage is very practical and you will find easy access into the cage to manage food, water, toys and for the cleaning purposes.
  • He cage is big enough to keep a pair of parakeets, cocktail or a lovebird etc. and they would have enough room to easily play around the flight cage and utilize the hanging toys to the maximum.


  • Stacking or hanging of this cage is not possible due to some of its fragile bars and other pieces.

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Bottom Line

The flight cages for small birds reviews describes all the key points above that you are supposed to ensure before buying such a product. You must check your own requirements, the material of the flight cage, its bars separation size and the availability of the utility items such as perches, storage area and feeder cups etc.

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