Green Mountain Grill Reviews

The best thing about grilled food is that you get to enjoy the natural flavors of the food being cooked and Green Mountain Grill reviews will show you how it can help in this.

The modern grills have made this conventional cooking approach even more dynamic and productive. Things have gone far into the comparison between manufacturers. One such vendor with top of the line products is Green Mountain Grills.

If you are shopping for your first grill or look for a replacement, Green Mountain Grills has many reasons to be your best bet. Starting from size, design and several technological features, Green Mountain Grills comes out as a clear winner in comparison to various products.

Top Green Mountain Grills

The GMG brand focused more on the quality of their brand rather than quantity. Having said that, Green Mountain Grills comes with three distinct types of grills as given below:

Top Green Mountain Grills

Our top pick

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Portable Pellet Grill

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Portable Pellet Grill

  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 20 x 14.5 in
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Weight: 67.6lbs

Runner Up

Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone Wi-Fi Enabled Grill
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 31.1 x 22.4
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Weight: 156.5lbs

The first two grills namely, Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone mentioned above are widely used and readily available in the online consumer market. They are top class with high-tech features that enhance the productivity of these pellet grills. On the other side, the JIM Bowie pellet grill is not available for online sale.

It could only be purchased directly through the vendor or through their designated agents. It is probably due to the extensively high price of the Jim Bowie machine, which makes it a less desirable option in the online market. The Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone pellet grills are cheaper and highly competitively priced in the online consumer market. Let us take a look at both the pellet grills from the GMG brand.

Green Mountain grill reviews

The following two Green Mountain grills are available online and here is a comprehensive review of both of them:

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Portable Pellet Grill

It features a thermal sensor with the patent title of Sense-Mate. The equipment is Wi-Fi enabled. You could download the GMG app on your smartphone and could directly connect it with your home Wi-Fi to remotely get the complete control of the grill.

The app is available to download both for iOS and Android devices. It monitors grill temperature with precision and persistence. The chimney is the unique feature of this grill that could be used for controlling the temperature or smoke inside the grill. It works seamlessly by just opening or closing it vents.

The total weight of the entire unit is 68 pounds. Further, the legs of the grill are also foldable. This is portability at its best and you could fit the entire unit easily in any trunk or store it in a congested location. Other supplementary items included with the product are rib racks lid, meat probe, and convenience tray.

The product is offered with 12V or 110V options along with the adapters to suit varying needs. These powering options make it ideal It's for home or outdoor camping etc. The major drawback of this unit is that the GMG pizza oven attachment is not compatible with this version of the GMG brand only.

Our rating

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Portable Pellet Grill

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Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone Wi-Fi Enabled Grill

This is by far the best selling GMG grill. What makes it better and much likable than the Davy Crockett grill is its compatibility with the GMG pizza oven grill. Using the grill temperature, you can employ the pizza attachment to cook pizza in just 3 to 4 minutes.

There are 468 inches of cooking space over a 17 pounds fuel hopper. The GMG grills are all Wi-Fi enabled and so is this Daniel Boone grill. It maintains excellent temperature with precision within the diverse range of 150 to 500 degrees. The chimney feature allows to best maintain the desired temperature of the grill.

The app could be downloaded free of cost both on your iOS or Android devices. Its legs might not be foldable but the sturdy big wheels make portability easy. The pellet grill operates with 110V power connectivity. It is a full black unit. But, you have the option of choosing the hood of the grill either to be black or stainless steel silver.

Our rating

Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone Wi-Fi Enabled Grill

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Features to Consider in the green mountain grill reviews

No matter, whichever grill you are looking to purchase, the key features to consider will remain the same, almost. Unlike many other generic green mountain grill reviews, we will briefly discuss the core features only as below:

  • Portable Design

The GMG grills come with compact portable design. You get the largest GMG grill with approximately 600 sq. inches of cooking space. This is reasonable, especially when considering portability convenience.

  • Accurate Temperature Control

Ever GMG grill is Wi-Fi enabled and can be remotely controlled through your smart device. The app provides a temperature control setting and monitoring with precision. The temperature could also be perfectly adjusted with a jump of as little as 5 degrees.

  • Chimney System

Davy Crocket pellet grill is the most popular of all the GMG grills. It comes with a chimney that has a flexible opening. This feature allows you to control the temperature and smoke level by simply opening and closing the chimney when required.

The Wi-Fi aspect of GMG Grills:

The pellet grills of GMG or any other brand are actually the technological products by nature. This green mountain grill wifi review would comprehensively cover the dynamics of a Wi-Fi grill. Such high-tech equipment work on the principle of a digital controller that facilitates the seamless operation, which is fully automated.

The digital controller further utilizes sophisticated sensors and several complex algorithms in order to ensure temperature control. This digital feat is responsible for the provisioning of Wi-Fi connectivity and other programmable probes.

With the free to download the GMG smartphone app, you can have any GMG grill remotely controlled through Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi is an exclusive feature with grills, which was first initiated by GMG and later on adopted by Traeger. With its success, is expected to become a very common option in the near future.

The GMG Pizza Oven Attachment:

As per any green mountain grill pizza oven review, you will come to know that this GMG doesn’t offer any standalone pizza oven. What, they do offer is a pizza oven attachment that is compatible with GMG pellet grills. This is an even better and much productive option on offer.

This pizza oven attachment is compatible with the Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie GMG grills. It wouldn’t work with any other model of GMG grill. This fantastic attachment offers the following key benefits:

  • You can use the pizza oven attachment straight out of the box. There is absolutely no need for setting up the oven or grooming wood in the oven. These hassles make known with the outdoor pizza units. You just need to remove some part of the grill and then the oven could be fixed right over your GMG grill.
  • The oven retains heat quite well for cooing pizza of any type. The success is dependent only upon the right setting of the temperature of the grill.
  • The pizza oven is quick in cooking pizza. On average for an average size pizza, it takes just about 3 to 4 minutes to cook. This quick turnaround time allows you to even have a pizza party at home while serving a big crowd.
  • The oven attachment could retain high temperatures. This allows you to cook pizza perfectly using different wood flavors.
  • Maintenance of pizza oven attachment is super easy. You just need to the panel from your grill, allow some time to cool and then just wipe it using a clean damp cloth. The size of the attachment unit, unlike the outdoor pizza ovens, is quite small. So maintenance is super easy.

The downside of this pizza oven attachment is that you need to learn about ideal grill temperature settings, which translates into the oven. Once you perfect the temperature setting thing then your cooked pizza would be perfect as well. Moreover, the oven could only take one pizza at a time.

The Green Mountain Grill Accessories

Many of the authentic green mountain pellet grill reviews show GMG as the smartest choice in the grills category. They are versatile and flexible to do a lot more than conventional grilling as it apparently looks from the grill.

GMG is a diverse band and offers lots of accessories that are exclusive to their brand. A lot of accessories and add on makes these grills far more productive. Few of the branded accessories and attachments you get from the GMG brand are:

Green Mountain Grill or Traeger Grill?

The green mountain grill or Traeger debate is never-ending. Both these manufacturers stand face to face claiming to be the best grill option available in the market. Traeger grills are advertised to be the best for all types of groups and families.

If serving a big crowd is your thing to do then Traeger is a preferred choice. The reason is the spacious cooking space that Traeger grills have got to offer.

On the other end, the best-selling point for Green House Grills is its quality manufacturing coupled with flawless performance. It is particularly the best choice for those who live an active life.

Their grills are technology advanced and work with a smartphone app that you need to download. Making a Wi-Fi connection, the grill works completely under your command.

This also serves as the best option when you are looking for frequent shifts of grills in and out of the house. The grills apart from their smaller and compact design have folding legs as well. On top of that, rear handles make them easy to move. Overall, convenience and portability sit at the core of Green Mountain Grill products.

A lot of credit for Wi-Fi enabled pellet grills go to GMG and they are behind the widespread adaption of such technology-enriched grills. On the contrary, Traeger is a veteran and is in business since the 1980s.

They are credited to be the pioneer in pellet grills.

Traeger struggled to lower down the prices of their products and they only managed to have Wi-Fi enabled grills as late as 2019. GMG since its inception almost has been offering their pellet grills with Wi-Fi functionality.

The following list highlights some of the major differences between Green Mountain Grills and Traeger Grills:

  • GMG's hands down are technologically advanced than its counterpart. Traeger just of late has started to get better with their latest grill being Wi-Fi enabled. However, they still don’t offer it in their portable version, unlike GMG.
  • GMG grills are cost-effective while making head to head comparison with their equivalent Traeger model.
  • Traeger has a much diverse option in terms of sizes of the grills and its configuration. The largest Traeger grill offers cooking area as large as 1300 square inches. In comparison, Jim Bowie grill from GMG is their largest with a cooking area of 658 square inches only. Traeger mainly wins here only and with almost double margin.
  •  Although, might not be that practical, but GMG offers much higher cooking temperature. Their best grills max out at temperature as high as 550 degrees F. Traeger on the other hand offer grills with maximum temperature between the range of 450 - 500 degrees F.
  • Traeger products since long have all been available online for purchase. However, GMG missed the trick by not offering their products online for quite a long time since their inception. The lost quite a big market then as they were relying upon their dealer network only for selling their products. However, GMG has just realized the importance of online products selling and now they are offering products online as well. Therefore, both the brands stand at par now for this point, forgetting about the history though.
  • Warranty is incomparable as both the manufacturers for all their products offer 3 years of warranty with almost the same terms and conditions.

The general consensus between the two brands does seem to favor GMG much over its counterpart. The bottom line is that the Traeger grills might have a much broader portfolio, but the Green Mountain Grill products are nothing short of exceptional in terms of quality, performance, and convenience. Although relative, Green Mountain Grill stands as a winner here. Further, this is firmly endorsed by many green mountain grill reviews that we came across online.


The Green Mountain Grill is a top brand, which offers a diverse range of features. Their grills are technology-enriched, where the Wi-Fi features make it the preferred choice among the competitors. In terms of its convenience and quality, it outclasses the costly Traeger grills. The pizza oven supplementary attachment makes it even more diverse, where you can cook pizza within 3 to 4 minutes. Overall, GMG grills are affordable, portable, technology enriched and highly productive.

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