Gotham Smokeless grill and griddle review

Grill cooking is evergreen. It is widely enjoyed outdoors or in the open areas, where the residue smoke is naturally handled. And Gotham smokeless grill makes it even better.

However, the outside weather cannot be favorable all year round. Giving up on grilled food just because of weather can be very frustrating. Sometimes in some places, traditional coal or propane grilling is also restricted due to certain regulations. In any case, barbecue enthusiasts shouldn’t give up on grilling as indoor grilling is still an option.

It is true that indoor grilling with standard units has even bigger issues. Especially, the issue of dealing with the excessive smoke accumulated indoors and then the smell as well, which in case of fish could be worse.

The smokeless grill is the solution and when coupled with a griddle, it makes the most comprehensive indoor grilling mechanism.

Gotham Steel smokeless grills stand as the best indoor grills as per many of the Gotham steel smokeless grill reviews.

What is a smokeless grill?

The smokeless grills as obvious from its title are meant to manage the grill smoke. The Gotham Steel Smokeless grills or any other similar products employ smoke extractor technology. This technology works by creating a vacuum-like situation.

This vacuum pulls the smoke back into the grill trough the vent, thus restricting the smoke from escaping into the air. Rather, it gets channeled into the collection tray filled with water.

In this Gotham smokeless grill review, the grill or griddle or the combination of both products to be discussed will be of electric type.

The electric grill or griddle ensures the most effortless cooking ever. Temperature is controlled seamlessly and you rarely need to worry about any critical aspect of cooking.

The Grill and Griddle Combination:

The griddle is mostly mistaken as a mere extension of a grill when used as a combo. But, this is not the case. If you take a deep dive into the Gotham smokeless grill and griddle product, then it is obvious that both could be used alternatively.

Cooking through any of these would give different results. However, you may dedicate both the available spaces for specific cooking needs.

Let us take the classical example of a hamburger, which serves as an ultimate test here to understand the grill and griddle dynamics. If you are cooking our burger on grill, then you can enhance its taste using smoke of different kinds, while considering wood chips, etc.

The outcome of grill burger is usually much juicier than any other approach and its fat works quite well over the flame of the grill. Grill cooking is the healthiest way to cook and eat meat.

The best part is that the flavor integrity of the meat is retained. You have full flexibility over the grill to maintain its temperature. This helps in getting the best level of moisture in the meat, which further adds to the taste and tenderness of it. Grill also ascertains the natural taste without losing any of the essential nutrients.

On the other end, the griddle is supposed to cook hamburger as flat as the burger joints known from the era of the 1980s. It has a much different finesse to the end product. The fat stays and doesn’t normally cook-off. It gets melted over the griddle and mixes with the oil. It means this doesn’t provide you a mean to get rid of the fats. However, the inclusion of fats in the oil gives a very unique flavor to the burger. The key for griddle is to come with a nonstick ceramic surface. This not only offers much even heat for cooking but also supports food browning to perfection. This is what the Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill and Griddle ensures. What else, you can grill your hamburger meat with wood chips of your choice to get distinctive flavors.

When grill and griddle are used as a combo, especially with the Gotham Steel Smokeless unit, then both surfaces could be used for specific purposes. You may use the grilling space for grilling meat and the griddle could be used for heating up of meat and other stuff.

Best Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill and Griddles

GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill and Griddle for Indoor BBQ

This is the most comprehensive smokeless grill and griddle for indoor BBQ that Gotham Steel has got to offer. The material of the unit is made from nonstick stuff, which promotes even heating throughout the surface. This allows cooking browned food perfectly.

The overall size of the cooking surface is 14 x 9, excluding the frame and the handle. This is reasonable enough to handle considerable cooking needs for indoor use.

The temperature dial of this portable grill and griddle comes with 4 different settings. You can set it up on either, low, medium, high or warm heat levels. First, the nonstick material and then its ability to easily pull apart the unit makes cleaning and maintenance super easy.

This product has got everything. Even, its parts are dishwasher. This is the only product from Gotham Steel that comes inclusive with a pitchfork as well. This further adds versatility to the way you grill and utilize this unit.

Our rating

GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Electric Grill and Griddle for Indoor BBQ

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Gotham Steel Nonstick Portable Smokeless Electric Grill

This deluxe size smokeless griddle measures 18 x 13 inches. Warm, low, medium and high heat temperature settings could be availed. Maintenance with its easily removable parts is super convenient. The presence of a removable grease catcher restricts the residue from getting burnt significantly.

Rather, the fats and oils conveniently drip into the collection pan that cools it down, thus producing no smoke.

Moreover, your cooked meat would stay much juicy and crispier. This reduces smoke even further. The grill surface is made from nonstick ceramic material.

Such kind of a cooking surface is good for getting ideally browned food, which could be your preferred meat, vegetable or even cheese. You can easily store this compact unit in any congested part of your kitchen cabinet. Further, carrying it around is also an effortless thing.

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Gotham Steel Nonstick Portable Smokeless Electric Grill

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GOTHAM STEEL Original Smokeless Electric Griddle

This is the regular size Gotham Steel smokeless electric griddle that measures 16.2 x 14 inches. This is with the frame and handle of the unit. The total cooking surface of this electric smokeless grill is 12 x 10 inches. It comes with all of the standard and exclusive features that Gotham Steel has got to order.

The 4 level temperature settings provide a good range for the user to fulfill their diverse range of cooking needs. It is a perfect solution to go for grilling meat of your choice, vegetables, and cheese, etc. The nonstick ceramic material of the cooking surface makes grilling even healthier.

All the fats and oil is extracted from the cooking surface and collected in the pan underneath, which suppresses smoke creation as well. The reasonable grill area could be maximized for grilling multiple food items simultaneously. The product is super easy for clean and the components can be conveniently disassembled for cleaning and washing. You need to be well aware of the electric components and to keep it safe and away from water. The removable components are dishwasher safe.

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GOTHAM STEEL Original Smokeless Electric Griddle

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What do we love about Gotham Steel Smokeless Grills and Griddle?

The nonstick property of the cooking grill is outstanding for superior health and convenient cleaning. The available gap at either end of the unit base enables user to easily imply the temperature controller from any side of the base.

Above all, when you are using the Gotham steel smokeless grill and griddle you don’t have to worry about the annoying smoke. It can be used indoors without filling your home with smoke everywhere.

The colorful recipe book that you get with every product from the manufacturer is also a nice to have thing.


The Gotham Steel smokeless grills are highly preferable for indoor safe barbecuing. A much lethal combination is obtained when you consider the Gotham Steel smokeless grill and griddle product. It offers 2 in 1 productivity.

Smokeless smoking ensures that there is no residual smoke accumulated inside the house. Further, no smell could also be felt as the smokeless grill mechanism takes all in its own and safely dilute smoke in the water container.

Multiple products from Gotham Steel manufacturer are there, which will effortlessly serve your indoor smokeless grilling needs.

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