Cuisinart 360 griddle cooking center review

An overview of Cuisinart 360° griddle cooking center

Griddle cookware has taken cooking to an altogether different level. Cooking enthusiasts are getting more flexible with their cooking needs by having such sophisticated options in their kitchen. The Cuisinart 360 griddle cooking center, from La Rosticceria is a complete cooking system.

The options included along with multiple tools allows you to cook a variety of food items for your family and also for any party. It is highly innovative with its design and features. The griddles mostly are rectangular in shape, but this one is circular and has its own specific perks with such a design.

It primarily helps in more even heating, which would reflect in the most desirable output of the food items being cooked.

# Cuisinart 360° griddle cooking center review in detail

Some of the most important and noticeable features you must explore in this cooking center are discussed below:


The unit comes in a circular griddle design. The total size or diameter of the griddle is 22 inches. The griddle is powered by two burners, which are independently controlled.

The griddle and the burners are fit over a strong cabinet base, which accommodates a propane tank of 20 pounds. The entire top unit rests over a wheelbase having 4 independent casters.

Cast Iron Pan

The cast-iron pan of the griddle doesn’t come seasoned. Pre seasoning is required before you cook anything over it for the first time. Occasional re-seasoning might also be required, which typically depends on the amount of usage of the griddle.

It also on its storage conditions and weather, where it operates. Flaxseed is the recommended oil for seasoning the cast iron pan off the griddle. Some basic vegetable oils could also work but as a secondary recommendation. The surface needs to be washed with mild soap, rinse it and subsequently dry, before seasoning.

Grease Pan

The griddle comes with a greased pan spanning 360 degrees. Moreover, a rear grease cup is also involved.

Power Source

The griddle is propane powered and the unit could accommodate a propane tank of 20 pounds to operate it as required.

Tool Set

The toolset is more of a mandatory feature than a value-added one. The toolset is wooden and effective in every way to support any griller for the season. The complete set actually includes a cleaning brush, spatula, tongs, 4 x corn on the cob holders and 4 x skewers of stainless steel material.

The toolset comes packed in a nice box casing, which makes its storage and maintenance much easier. Overall, it is a 13-piece toolset.


The griddle is ideal for cooking pancakes, eggs, burgers, chicken breast, and vegetables, etc.

Waste Collection

Any food waste, debris or excessive oil is easily caught in the 360-degree grease pan. It is managed with the support of a useful grease cup located at its rear end.

Covering Lid

The cover lid of the griddle is made of stainless steel material. It fits aptly over the unit and this is helpful in keeping the food warm and also for doing other things, such as melting the cheese.

Prep Table

Just on the left of the griddle is a prep table, which is foldable as well for convenience. The prep area also has a paper towel holder and 3 x hooks for hanging tongs, spatulas and other required utensils. The flat surface could be used for anything from putting down a cold beverage to putting a serving dish or a plate.


  • The top lid helps in providing additional heat, keeping food warm and to ensure much even heating.
  • The two burners help in bifurcating the griddle surface with the hot and cold area, as required.
  • The prep table for its limited size is way too productive with utensils holders and flat area for food prep.
  • The 4-wheel base allows easy moving of the unit. 2 x rear wheels are lockable.
  • Utility tools such as cleaning brush, tongs and paper towel holders add great convenience.


  • The 60 pounds unit is suitable for the home only cooking as consistent movement is not feasible.
  • Seasoning the cast iron pan off the griddle is required before doing your first cooking over it.
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The propane fuel-powered Cuisinart 360 is a complete griddle system. You get a handy griddle with the quality cast iron plate and a sturdy base.

Double burner feature allows maximum temperature control over the griddle and you may use it half for hot and another half as a cold side. There is a prep table option with a towel holder and hooks to hold utensils.

The round shape is its unique selling feature. The infinity-edge of the griddle allows the food scraps, liquid, oil, and debris to get easily scraped off its sides.

The 4 x wheels, along with 2 x rear wheels lockable allows us to move it easily inside the home. However, its heavyweight doesn’t make it a good option to carry it for outdoor use.

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