Best self-propelled lawn mower for hills

The best self-propelled lawn mower for hills is probably the most in-demand mowers for the amount of comfort and productivity they have got to offer. They are suitable for operating in lawns of ¾ acre roughly and promises to give top performance if they meet or exceed all the needs that you have for maintaining your lawn in the best possible shape. As a user, you just need to control the path of mowing and the rest is effortlessly handled by the self-propelled mower itself. It can work on flat surfaces and also on rough areas and hilly terrains with ease. Still, you have the job in hand to evaluate all the features which make a self-propelled lawn mower exactly according to our specific needs. Usually, the best types are gas-driven and the ease of use depends primarily on their wheel structure and the way they maneuver over the field.

Buying Guide:

  • The rear wheel controlled by the machine is highly desirable especially for improved traction on hilly terrain and also lets to maneuver the unit with ease upon sharp turn with no damage caused to the grass.
  • The unit must offer an adjustable handle with multi-level settings to adjust the grass cut height as per your needs.
  • Since it is an outdoor unit made to work over hilly and rough areas as well, so the construction has to be sturdy, ideally made from a solid steel material which could last for multiple seasons.
  • The number, quality and the performance of the blades matter big time. The lawnmower ideally must have multiple blades so that a fine mulching experience could be achieved.
  • Look for a particular engine type where the gasoline engines are quite in-demand in this category. The operational noise ideally should be low or negligible for easy handling of the unit.

Best self-propelled lawn mower to buy

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#1. Snapper Drive Variable Speed Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

This 850 series model from the manufacturer comes with a ready start type of starting system so that you are up and about with your lawn mowing job as soon as you bring it out of storage. This 21 inches lawn mower comes with the Ninja blade with 6 resourceful types of cutting surfaces which promises to give a fine mulch and at the same time, the chopped grass blows back into the lawn, due to the design of the deck. The usage of the unit over hilly areas is quite smooth and productive.

Snapper RP2185020 / 7800981 NINJA 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


  • The user has the control in hand for changing the height of grass cut through the adjustable handles. 7 different grass cut heights could be employed in the range of 1.25 to 4 inches.
  • The rear wheel of the lawnmower is high and of 10 inches which are machine controlled where you just need to walk behind to direct the path of cutting. This is particularly useful for hilly area use with an extremely enhanced traction. Smooth turn helps considerably for ensuring the convenient maneuverability without doing any kind of damage to the grass.
  • The mower comes with a very front axle made from solid steel and that promises to last long with impeccable performance, season after season.
  • The ready start engine provides very powerful performance and more importantly, it is durable and does not produce any excessive noise while operating.

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#2. Troy-Bilt TB370 163cc 21-inch In Step RWD Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

This self-propelled lawn mower is powered by a resourceful 159cc OHC type engine and is good enough for mowing small to medium size lawns. It is equipped with the front-wheel-drive only and its easy maneuverability and soft comfortable grip allow for easy operation on hilly and uneven surfaces. The cutting deck settings range between 1.25 to 3.75 inches in height and give three useful options for mulching, bagging, and side discharge.

Troy-Bilt TB370 163cc 21-inch In Step RWD Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


  • The system is facilitated by a TriAction cutting mechanism which is good in delivering an even and clean cut only in one pass.
  • Unlike many other products, this one with its sturdy built offers a very lightweight design and still has a reasonable steel deck of 21 inches.
  • It comes with highly useful wheels of 7 x 11 inches dimensions and also offers great control while moving.
  • You will get this product with a warranty of 2 years.


  • The operational noise of the unit is a bit loud to be comfortable.

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Snapper 12AVB2A2707 21" Self-Propelled Gas Powered Mower

This is an all-around self-propelled lawn mower which is suitable to be used on flat, uneven and as well as hilly terrain having a covered area of 1 acre or less. Premium quality high-level performance is ensured with the 163cc engines which feature no choke system, no prime and have the highly effective and in-demand Ready Start functionality. All you need to do is to pull it for power and you will be on your mowing job right-away. Further, it is highly recommended by the manufacturer for not using the oil having G technology.

Snapper 12AVB2A2707 21" Self-Propelled Gas Powered Mower


  • It comes with a 3 in 1 cutting deck which could be used for very demanding functionalities such as mulching, side discharge, and bag.
  • The system comes with a variable speed controlled front wheel which gives you the freedom to mow grass at your own preferred speed.
  • It has a dual lever with height adjustment offering 6 different cutting positions.
  • An 11-inch rear wheel allows for easy maneuverability of the mower, especially on hilly and uneven areas.


  • It’s a front wheel drive only which compromises the propulsion upon making a turn, while using.

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Bottom Line

The best self-propelled lawn mower for hills demands from you to evaluate mowers based upon their cutting deck options, handle adjustments, cutting blades, mulching options, engine power, and rear wheel powered feature. The buyers must be aware of the level of the operational noise as using such unit for a long time with high operational noise could be very tiring and uncomfortable.

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