Sleep plays a major role in our daily lives. Without having proper sleep for a sufficient period of time, we may not be able to live a healthy and well balanced life. People may or may not know how sleep affects our body and how we can improve our lives with a little improvement in our sleep patterns. To have a better and uninterrupted sleep, the basic thing that we will be in need of is a better mattress that has the right features to support our body and keep us comfortable.

So let’s start our quest to find some of the top rated mattresses on the market.

For this, you will have to determine your requirements first. And all the requirements may be based on one point:your sleeping position. Make sure you know which sleeping position you prefer while sleeping. Here are some of the usual sleeping positions preferred by most of the people while sleeping.

Back sleeping

Back sleeping refers to a sleeping position when a person rest on his/her back with the backbone laid straight on the mattress. This is a perfect sleeping position if your pillow and the mattress allow you to maintain the natural curve of the spine and gives sufficient support to the neck, shoulders, and lumbar area in an easy way. But issues come when you lay yourself down in a log-like position or a starfish like position with both your arms and legs laid towards the outside position. So, basically back sleeping further has two distinct positions:

  • Straight back sleeping
  • Sleeping on the back, with arms and legs out

Side sleeping

Next comes the side sleeping. This sort of sleeping position is common among people, and most people prefer to sleep on one of our sides, either left or right side. It has been suggested that if a person is a side sleeper, he/she should always sleep on the left side as it keeps the internal organs in a better position as compared to sleeping on the right side.

Side sleeping also has its sub-postures whichinclude

  • Feotus like sleeping posture
  • Straight-side sleeping
  • Leaned-head side sleeping

Side sleeping puts a great pressure on one side as compared to the other side that is in the upward position. So you need to choose a mattress that makes it sure your downside is kept well balanced and has been held in a way that every body curve is supported equally according to the posture. Having a better mattress can help you reduce back pain and aching joints and can help you sleep better and for a longer period of time.

Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleeping is one of the worst positions for a sleeping person, but some people do feel comfortable while sleeping on the front side down and backside on the upper side. For such a person who prefers to sleep on their stomach, there should be a comfortable yet firm mattress to keep the pressure balanced on the stomach and provide sufficient support to the body so that the internal organs are not pushed too severely and the backbone stays in a reasonable position to avoid pains and aches.

So what we are going to do is to see how we can choose from, all the hundreds of best sleeping mattresses and pick the ones that actually serve you the best.

Some of top rated brands offering best mattress on the market

Signature Sleep mattress manufacturers

Signature Sleep specializes in manufacturing the best quality foam and spring mattresses that actually give the user an experience that they deserve. These mattresses are very easy to handle and clean when needed. They are delivered compressed,which makes it easier to locate wherever you need. They also are made of high quality materials. The overall mattresses comply with federal flammability standards 16 CFR so you don’t have to worry about the safety, as they have made sure to give you the best and safe product.

Their products come with a one year warranty for the mattresses produced and delivered by the manufacturer.

Brentwood mattresses

Brentwood mattresses are pure USA-based mattress products that are manufactured in Los Angeles and are Certi-Pur certified as safe and reliable products for the users. These mattresses have unique features,such as having gel particles infused in the whole mattress to give you a well balanced platform on which to sleep comfortably. The exterior is made of a bamboo cover with a 25 year warranty. Low level of preliminary smell and a high level of user experience make these great products for the side sleepers and people having aches in their body. These mattresses are available in a wide range of thickness and are durable and long lasting. The mattresses manufactured with gel infused technology come with a sufficient air flow mechanism that makes the mattress sweat free and cool for a comfortable sleep.

Dream Foam mattresses

Dream Foam mattress is a brand of Brooklyn bedding products, and is manufacturing a wide range of high quality mattresses including a varied variety of foam thickness and is intended to provide high quality comfort to the users. These mattresses come in a convenient package and can adapt to its actual size in a quick way. It is free of annoying odors and come with about 15-20 years warranty time.

These mattresses are luxurious and are able to maintain a sufficient level of comfort and support for a long period of time.

Serta mattress manufacturers

Serta has introduced,  the most innovative technology in the field of mattresses and bedding foams. It has introduced the Microcool and Micro support systems to manufacture the highest quality mattresses that are flexible and are perfect to provide a full support to the body so that the user’s sleep experience becomes luxurious and comforting.

These mattresses come with around a 10 year warranty, ensuring that the user will never get disappointed at any time.

Sleep Innovation mattresses

Sleep Innovations mattresses have been in the market since 1996 and have never compromised on their quality. The raw materials as well as the finished products are manufactured in the USA, so no compromise can affect the quality in its overall manufacture. These mattresses come in well packed vacuum-sealed containers and can resume their actual shape as soon as they are out and may take a few hours to get into their maximum potential. Their products also have a warranty of about 5-20 years, which is enough to make a customer feel satisfied while using the mattress.

Keeping mind all of these top-rated and trusted brands that produce the best quality mattresses to suit  various sleeping postures, here we have listed the products that are best of these brands and can assure the level of comfort you need.


Best mattresses under 1000USD

Product nameThicknessSizeMaterialWarrantyMade In
Sleep innovation sure temp memory foam mattress 

12 inches




 2.5inch memory foam/ 9.5 super support base foam



20 years



Serta 12 inch gel memory foam mattress topper 

12 inches


Full/ Queen

King/Cal. King

Three layered


2.5 inches gel memory foam+ 2.5 inches active air foam+7 inches support foam


Available under certain conditions




10 inch Dreamfoam firm latex mattress 

10 inches

Available in various firmness options


Twin/twin XL/ full/ Queen/ King// Cal.King


1.5 flex foam+ 3inc latex foam+6 inches high density support foam


Not specified




Brentwood home 13 inch HD gel memory foam mattress 

13 inches


Available in 12 different sizes


4 layered mattress

3 inch gel foam+1 inch plush foam+2 inch convoluted layer+ 7 inch firm base foam



25  years




Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp memory foam mattress

[newimgbox imgalt=”Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp memory foam mattress” imgurlid=”91UEOLnmzcL” asin=”B003CT37L0″]

Sleep innovation sure temp memory foam mattress is high quality memory foam having a 12 inch mattress system in which there is an upper 2.5 thick Sure temp memory foam layer  and below that there is a 9.5 inch solid base foam that provides support to the body and gives firmness to the upper layer. The whole  system is perfect for the side sleepers as it is a great combination of memory foam and firm foam base.

This one is completely hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making it safe for all users whether allergic or not.

It provides a comfortable support to the body curves so that the pressure points can be reduced and body remains in its best posture, and gets sufficient and appropriate support to the body.


  • Perfect for the side sleepers who need to avoid developing bodily aches as you will get a perfect support throughout your body and the vertebral column will remain in its natural posture.
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for everyone and has no risks to the health of the user.
  • It comes with a 20 year warranty, so you will not have to worry about the quality of the product.


The mattress don’t allow sufficient air flow so it may become a little bit hot if you sleep for a bit longer period of time. This may cause sweating in your body and result in discomfort and interruption during sleep.

It doesn’t allow air flow, so it may also give rise to other related issues like smells you can have in your mattress.

Serta 12-Inch gel-memory foam mattress

[newimgbox imgalt=”Serta 12-Inch gel-memory foam mattress” imgurlid=”818Pio6hVtL” asin=”B004PEJ1NY”]

Serta memory foam mattress topper comes with a unique structure of having a 2 ½  layer of active air foam above which is 2 ½ layer of memory gel foam and below these two is a 7 inch firm mattress base to give a stable and firm support to the whole mattress system. In this way the mattress gives a well organized and well structured mattress form that promotes a luxurious sleep on a mattress having a consistent airflow that helps in maintaining a cool surface for a sweat free sleep. The materials used in its production are of high grade and hence you will have no risks to your health. Its intelligent structure helps the user to maintain a proper  body posture and keeps it relaxed in all directions, no matter how you prefer to sleep.


  • It gives a well ventilated surface for the user to hep the user sleep comfortably.
  • There are no annoying smells and no sweating issues, no matter for how long you have to use it.
  • Requires no or little maintenance


It is a bit expensive as compared to other same structured mattresses, but its features justify the price very well.

Warranty is not enough, so it may disturb some people.

DreamFoam ultimate dreams cushion firm latex mattress

[newimgbox imgalt=”DreamFoam ultimate dreams cushion firm latex mattress” imgurlid=”31hPAdpxJBL” asin=”B00CP85QJ0″]

This 10 inch Dreamfoam mattress consists of a three layered structure that is composed of a three separate kinds of  materials, making it a cushion firm mattress which provide medium to firm support to the body. The mattress is covered with a long lasting bamboo cover that ensures the mattress remains in its best condition for a long time.

The inner structure consist of a 1.5 inch topmost layer of a flexible foam and below that is the Talalay latex layer which rests on a 6 inch firm base foam. The upper foam layer is so flexible that it won’t let you feel the movements  of another person on the same mattress.


  • The multi-layered structure makes it suitable for side sleepers and also for back sleepers.
  • The bamboo cover and the upper flexible foam layers allow air flow and keeps the surface cool and calm for the user, making it sweat free.
  • It is completely anti-bacterial and leaves no risks to the health.
  • It comes at a reasonable price


It may feel too firm for many people and if you are looking for a soft mattress, it is not for you.

Brentwood home 13-inch Gel HD memory foam mattress

[newimgbox imgalt=”Brentwood home 13-inch Gel HD memory foam mattress” imgurlid=”81l3ORopHPL” asin=”B00JJZ18PS”]

For the people who are looking for comfort and luxury an need a cool and calm sleep, this Brentwood mattress can be the best choice of all time. It is composed of a 4 layered mattress that  consists of  the topmost 3-inch layer of gel memory foam and after that there is a 1 inch plush foam layer and a two inch layer of convoluted layer,  allowing airflow into the mattress system, at the end, making the base of the mattress there is a 7 inches of firm, therapeutic grade foam base to give a solid support to the upper layers of the mattress.


  • The mattress is capable of giving the user a cool and relaxed sleeping experience through the presence of a well ventilated inner core layer.
  • It is an excellent mattress to give a comfortable base for the people who are suffering from bodily pains and muscle tension issues.
  • It comes with a 25 years of sufficient warranty time line.


  • It may feel way too expensive for those who don’t want to spend on a mattress.
  • It can be a heavy option if you need an easy to handle mattress for your use.

Best mattresses under 500 USD

Product nameThicknessSizeMaterialWarrantyMade in
Dreamfoam bedding ultimate dreams quilt mattress 

7 inches


4 different sizes


Memory foam with trizone 6.25 layer and .75 quilt layer on top







Signature sleep contour 8 inch twin mattress 

8 inches


4 sizes


Coil Mattress





Sleep master 6 inch therapeutic mattress 

6inches- but available in 4 thickness options


7 size options

Memory foam + base foam 





DreamFoam bedding ultimate dreams twin crazy quilt mattress

[newimgbox imgalt=”DreamFoam bedding ultimate dreams twin crazy quilt mattress” imgurlid=”61050p4ldEL” asin=”B00HETRYOU”]

This is a 7 inch memory foam mattress  that is perfect for a bed meant for a big grown up kid. The mattress is well designed to accommodate the body of the user so that the support is well distributed and can let the user sleep easy on the top of it. It is capable of serving a medium weight young kid and not for adult usage as it may feel a little thin if used by an adult and may not be able to provide the level of comfort it is meant to deliver.


  • The mattress is made of pure memory foam and not any low quality material, so the user can enjoy extreme comfort while using it.
  • It offers a Tri-zone multi level support system for a better body support and helps the individual to avoid bodily issues and relax in a well supported way.
  • It is completely hypoallergenic and has no odors or annoying smells coming out from it. So your kids will feel comfortable and relaxed whenever he wants to.


  • A little more expensive than the other kid’s mattresses are.
  • It is not good to be used by an adult so you can only put it on your kid’s bed.

Signature Sleep contour 8 Inch twin mattress

[newimgbox imgalt=”Signature Sleep contour 8 Inch twin mattress” imgurlid=”81lrYPv2NIL” asin=”B004LQ1RJ2″]

This signature sleep contour 8 inch twin mattress consists of a multi-layered mattress system that consist of a layer of foam at the top of the mattress  and also at the bottom covering the coils inside. It is a spring mattress having 7 inch independent coils that are encased separately to make sure the pressure is distributed equally throughout the mattress. The foam that is being used is pure and has no TCPP or Tris and any Ozone depleters so its totally environmentally friendly. You may not feel any VOC smells or emissions and has no phthalates and has been regulated and checked by Consumer safety commission.

It is CertiPur-US certified so you can stay free of any issues or health risk while using it in your bedroom.


  • The mattress is well structured, and has got separately encased spring coils that last longer than average as compared to other spring mattresses.
  • The upper foam layer is perfect to let you feel comfortable and don’t let the coils poke you while sleeping.
  • It is delivered in a compressed form and will resume its shape when released from its box, so no hassles are there while setting it up.


It may show wear and tear soon issues if subjected to severe or frequent usage.

Sleep Master 6-Inch smooth top therapeutic memory foam mattress

[newimgbox imgalt=”Sleep Master 6-Inch smooth top therapeutic memory foam mattress” imgurlid=”81No+vHUiCL” asin=”B005G5SIRG”]

This could be a perfect little solution for a kid’s bed or a small bed for a single person. It is lightweight, comfortable and soft. It is perfect to be used by a medium weight young kid and not suitable for frequent adult usage. It is made of an upper layer of memory foam and a lower layer of base foam, making it a great mattress to relax and sleep. The mattress is made of eco-friendly materials and is odorless and have no harmful emissions so it is safe to be used in a  kid’s room or in your bedroom.


  • Due to the fact it has got a memory foam layer, it cradles the body in a  way that reduces pain and provides a plush surface to make sure the user can relax and sleep better.
  • It can be used by an adult on an occasional basis when needed but not frequently.


  • May cause heating up of your body as it lacks the air flow mechanism. So, if you need to sleep cool, it may not be a perfect fit for your needs.
  • It requires about 2 days to come to its original shape and size after being opened from its packaging. It also smells awful when opened and needs to be placed in an airy place to get rid of all the annoying smells.

Why you need to choose a high quality mattress if you have health issues

People who suffer from various health issues like bodily pains and aches and sleep issues should always look for a comfortable and supportive mattress for their use. This is because when they have sagging bed toppers with no support provided to their body, the issues may become more severe. Suppose, if a person who has lower back pain or shoulder pain, then how it can be a better idea to sleep on a mattress that is drooping from the sides and gives no support or comfort to the body? Such a condition can give rise to more issues and bodily pain.

Lower back pain

If a person is suffering from lower back pain and cannot sleep due to that, a good mattress can help a lot to reduce the risk of developing chronic pains. For this you want a mattress that is soft and supportive and is capable of giving the user a cool and well ventilated platform to sleep on. In this regard it is always better to choose the best memory foam mattress that is capable of providing a firm yet comfortable support and can accommodate to the body posture so that no pressure points are developed. Such a mattress can help support the natural vertebral posture and can maintain the backbone curve.

For spinal cord issues

It is also a good idea to get the best mattress if you are suffering from spinal cord issues. A good mattress that has the qualities to accommodate according to the shape of the spinal cord and can keep it straight in a comfortable position can be helpful in providing comfort for the user. For this reason you may opt to get a Talalay mattress with medium firmness to maintain spine health.

For heavy-bodied people

Buying a special mattress for heavy people is also a great challenge. This is because if you don’t buy a good quality mattress, then it is quite sure that the mattress will sag soon and will show wear and tear issues within a short period of time. So if you need to buy a comfortable and supportive mattress that will last longer, despite the fact it will be used by a heavy-bodied individual, you should go for a multilayered mattress with a strong base foam of about 6-7 inches of thickness.

For arthritis and joint pain

For arthritis and joint pain, it is always a better choice to buy a memory foam mattress. This is because arthritis and joint pains become more severe if the mattress does not balance out the body posture in a better way. A memory foam mattress can help in such cases. Because, such a mattress can accommodate and cradle the body posture and can relieve the pressure points and keep the joints aligned in a perfect manner.

How to choose the best mattress for your money

If you are out in the market and are looking to buy the best mattress for your bed, which is capable of soothing your muscles and helping you relax better, then you must not make a hasty decision. Try to make sure you don’t waste your money for the sake of buying a useless or a low quality mattress. Always make sure you choose the best. Here is how you can do it for yourself:

Research a lot

The first rule is to research a lot. You should always do research about the kind of mattress you need to buy. Try to get information about the features and benefits of various top rated brands and how they compare with each other. Make sure you collect all relevant information for later use as well.

Compare top brands

You should sort out at least 4-5 brands that are being rated as the top brands for a particular type of mattress and have a proven track record of providing trustworthy products for their users. You may compare the features and the prices and the types of mattress systems that are offered by these brands. It will help you know the best option for your purchase.

Focus on features that can benefit you the most

Make sure you know why you need a new mattress. You should have a clear list of requirements in your mind so that you can buy a mattress that will fulfill your needs.

Focus on the quality and longevity

Check out mattresses that have a longer life or are guaranteed to last for a long period of time. Also, check if the mattress has been made with high quality materials that are safe for a healthy living and pose no risk to your health or to the surrounding environment.

Read customer reviews

Reading customers’ feedback is also very important, because it will help you know how the mattress works for others and what issues they have faced and how they have figured out the way to use the mattress in its best form.

Compare prices

You may compare rices and see which one provides the best features you need at the most reasonable rates.

Why shop for a mattress online?

Sometimes people may show a little hesitant behavior while shopping online and especially when they are looking for a mattress through an online shop. But it is always mandatory to shop online. Here are some basic reasons:


It is easy to find a wide range of products right from your PC and you will not have to go anywhere.

Variety of products

You can find a wide range of top brands easily and can look into the latest versions of the top rated products

Easy comparison

You can compare brands and product with just one click and read how they compare,  based on their features and benefits.

Customer feedback available

You can read real customer reviews online which is not possible to reach out if you shop via local shopping center.

How to care for your mattress to keep it fit for a long period of time?

In order to make it sure that your mattress will last for a long time and will ever show any issues, you will have to take care of it, in a proper manner.

Here are a few tips for you to follow:

Use a mattress pad

Using a mattress pad is  a very good choice if you have kids in your home or need to keep your mattress away from dust particles and spills of liquids and various accidental issues. A mattress pad can keep your mattress safe from any accidents that may damage the upper layer and can also keep it neat and clean and retain its appearance for a long period of time.

Use a mattress frame

Using a mattress frame on your bed can also help you keep the mattress safe from getting damaged. As it will help you keep the mattress in its best posture and it will let you retain the actual form of the mattress without any issues.

Keep it safe from extra pressures

Never exert extra pressures on the mattress specially on the edges and corners of the mattress. If you do so, you will start losing its firmness and shape and definitely will cause a lowered comfort and longevity of the mattress.

Aerate the mattress occasionally

You should always let your mattress breathe and let the air come into it. For this you can leave it in an open place where air flows well, but is away from sunlight. This will help you avoid mildew problems and dust-mite allergens. Also, you can avoid developing odors or coloration in your mattresses.

Keep it away from direct sunlight

You should always keep your mattress away from direct sunlight. If you are using a memory foam mattress or a Talalay mattress, you may keep it in a shady place after being cleaned or washed and should avoid keeping it under  direct sunlight as it may ruin its internal composition very badly.


So, we can say that choosing,buying, and maintaining a mattress ensures the quality of sleep you can get while sleeping on the best mattress on your bed. It is always mandatory to buy a quality mattress for the sake of good health and for a comfortable sleep. A good quality mattress can definitely improve your lifestyle and can reduce the chances of developing bodily aches and pains, and can also cure the pain and symptoms that are disturbing your sleep. But make sure you don’t just buy a high quality mattress that is available online, rather you must always make your choice on the basis of your needs and how well a product matches to your needs.

You should never compromise on the quality of the materials and also consider the materials that are meant to counter specific issues you have. For example, if you need a soft, cool, and plushy mattress, you must go for a well aerated memory foam mattress, while if you need a firm and warm support, you can go for a Talalay mattress. It is up to you and your health conditions and also your comfort level requirements that will determine what is best for you to buy. We have tried our best to keep you informed about all the important information that can help you get the best for you.

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