Guide: Hair Curler Types

In modern times, the best favor you can do to your personality grooming is to style yourself and be more innovative and presentable. One way of doing this is to play with your hairstyle, where curly hairs can bring so much of charm, both in males and females. If you are not born with naturally curly hairs then you can still get those by using the sophisticated hair curling irons. There are plenty of such products in the market where everyone is not the right one for you.

You need to get the most suitable product for yourself by first analyzing your needs. This means to determine what type of hair you have and what are their strengths and weaknesses. Next, it comes to the determination of a particular type, which is again derived by the nature of your hair and also your preferences. Finally, it comes down to the specific features a product has, which are key considerations to make your last and final call. We will touch down all aspects here to guide you towards a perfect selection.

Types of Hair Curlers:

The types that we will discuss here are suitable for both men and women. It should be noted that the hair curler's product work regardless of gender. It is just the type, quality and size of your hair that influences your selection for a particular type of hair curler. The features on offer can serve both men and women in the same way, depending on what type of hair they have. The following are the different types of hair curlers (in no specific order) available in the market today.

Cone hair curler

cone hair curler

The cone hair curler is probably the most versatile device to get the best curls that you want. It is equipment that can help people in getting the most natural-looking curls or waves. They do come with a large barrel size, which is more so towards the grip of the equipment. This gradually gets smaller when we see its tip. It is due to this barrel shape resembling that of a cone, from where this type got its name from. This shape and the property of barrel means that you can think about creating a mix of small and large size curls. This could be done by wrapping your hair all around the length of the barrel.

This curling iron cone is the best product that you can have in the category. It is versatile with excellent temperature range and control.

Bubble hair curler

Bubble hair curler

If you prefer to have the elegant looking bouncy beach waves then a bubble hair curling wand is your best bet. Remember that for having bouncy curves, you need to have long hairs of course, at least till shoulder length to get those loose curls done. You can have a look at the BLUETOP Hair Curling Bubble Iron Wand, which probably is the best subject product on offer.

The bubble type of hair curler is completely distinct from the rest of the options in hand. This sophisticated tool is tailor-made to get the much desirable loose and bouncy waves without making much of an effort. The machine is also suitable for newbies due to the ease of its use. It is mainly because of the bubble shape of the wand that effortlessly guides your hairs to get the curls, which are best suited and desirable as well.

Clamp hair curler

Clamp hair curler

They are popular for their ease of use and also for their applicability to a wider range of potential and existing users of hair curling equipment. In comparison as well, they can be as productive and effective as any of their contemporary counterparts. The Remington 1-inch curling iron is a product in high demand in the category. Its sophisticated features and top level product allow you to get the best soft curls.

The unique selling point of such type is that they have been tried and tested for long and its versatility is no secret. Actually, the majority of the manufacturers offering this type also offers the interchangeable barrels with their sizes. This flexibility in barrel sizes means that you can use one product to go for a multitude of stylish curls. It also means that one product could be used by multiple people at home having varying hair sizes and curling needs. Remember that, the larger the barrel size of your clamp hair curling iron, the baggier and fuller your curls or waves will look and vice versa.

Marcel hair curler

Marcel hair curler

This is the most sophisticated, high-end, feature and technology enriched hair curler type that you can have today. The hair curlers are generally not much expensive and this type might be the most costly, but again, not something that would break the bank. Due to having a premium tag on this product, it is mostly seen in salons and hairstylists finds it extremely convenient to satisfy all the needs and demands of their customers. On the other end, the process for this tool usage is quite straightforward and simple. It is more of a manual product and in order to get the most out of this type, you need to master upon its manual usage technique. The tool demands from the user to have optimum control over it and then you can have the best possible curls. Once you use it for curls, then no other type could even come close to this one in the quality of curls.

Clipless hair curler

Clipless hair curler

This type will allow your hair to never get any unwanted kinks or crease lines while trying to get yourself curls. It is because of the reason that such types do not have any clamps or clips. You get the liberty of just wrapping down the end of your hairs around the barrel. The barrel size for such type is usually around 2 inches. The type of hair curler also has the potential to work right next to the roots of your hair. This eventually would help you to get much more volume in terms of curls. The recommended editor’s choice for the clipless curling iron is the GVP Clipless Curling Iron. Your hair in terms of safety and quality will definitely be in safe hands if you entrust this type of hair curler.

Hourglass hair curler

Hourglass hair curler

The hourglass iron curler is influenced by the hourglass shape that it has. It is known to give your hair the best possible curls especially in terms of shape. The hourglass tool can bring about the tight middle curls and even the loose overall curls, which are hard to beat by any other type. This s specifically done at the tip of the hair strand and surprisingly, it ensures quite a good bit of volume right in between them. This Bed Head BH312 is one of the coolest and most productive hourglass hair curlers that you can consider.

Flat Iron hair curler

Flat Iron hair curler

When you take a deep dive into all types of hair curling devices, the clamp one is probably the most recognizable by most of you. It will not be a surprising thing to see you already have one in your vanity box at home. This perhaps might not be the latest model/ type available in the market, but they are still relevant today and can be highly productive.

The HSI Professional Flat Iron Curler is the best possible flat iron for your money. They are easier to use without any secondary help needed. It is mostly suitable for all hair types and then the long hairs are most easily served through this awesome type of hair curler. Furthermore, the modern features (discussed later) make this hair curler even more productive.

Spiral hair curler

Spiral hair curler

You can have a look at one of the finest spiral curling iron here. The spiral iron curl device got into the limelight in the 80s. It is still relevant, rather the style is re-innovated to make it applicable for the users of today with a diverse range of demands. It is now definitely among the A-list products in the hair curlers category. The spiral hair curler is very much similar to the Bubble type of device discussed above. The spiral curl equipment comes with a spiral wand for creating flawless and natural looking curls. The spiral design on its plate makes it unique from other types, specifically bubble curlers. The spirals work in setting your intended curls in the best possible shape with the minimal manual effort required.

Rotating hair curler

Rotating hair curler

This is an automatic iron of wand type, which is known for its automatically rotating barrel. It is a smart device that curls your hair just with the use of a single button and minimal manual effort is required. You just need to clamp it into the strands of your sectioned hairs and that is it. The rotation begins and the job is done. This is specifically useful if you are unsure about a specific hair curling technique to employ in your case. The rotating hair curler can help you with this. A recommended rotating hair curler is the MaikcQ Anti-Scald Curling Iron.

Jumbo hair curler

Jumbo hair curler

The Jumbo iron is also alternately known as the Waving Iron for Curls. If you are a fan of the best bouncy beach blowouts but struggle somehow with the required blow-drying approach then the Jumbo hair iron curler is the best option for you. This is the largest type of curler that you can find in the market and it is suitable for long and/ or thick hairs. In fact, it can accommodate any type of hair, no matter how challenging they are in terms of the volume and user requirements specifically. This type is given the name Jumbo as it usually comes with more than 1 barrel. You may find the Jumbo hair curlers with 2 or 3 barrels specifically. You will find it ideal for creating undulating, large size curls or waves. People with medium to long hairs with excessive curling requirements can blindly trust this type. Such types of curls are normally seen in salons and professional stylists make their and their customers’ lives easy with such hair curling equipment.

Features to Consider  for buying :

The features to be discussed here of the hair curling equipment can be found in all of its different types mentioned above. It is just that you need to research a product well for its features in order to find the most suitable product for your hair needs and preferences. The information about the following features of hair curlers would help you in making the right choice:

Barrel Size

The barrel is the most critical equipment for any hair curling iron. The barrel comes in varying sizes and this size factor determines how much product it would be for a specific hair type in terms of length and texture of hair, especially. The idea here is simple, longer the length of your hair, the bigger the barrel you would need and vice versa. The following are the different popular options in terms of barrel sizes that you need to consider:

· ¾ inch – This is the smallest possible barrel size that you could have. It is suitable to use with fine and short hair. In return, it will give you nice tight curls. Men usually find hair curlers with such small barrels useful for their short hairs.

· 1 inch This is probably the most in-demand barrel size. This is the size that mostly matches up with the requirements of most of the users. It can work flawlessly with excellent curls for hairs with different textures and lengths.

· 1 1/ inches If you have very long hairs then they can be easily curled with a large barrel size of 1 1/ inches. You will find your long hairs fit easily with the large barrel. Further, they are also ascertained to get even heat from the barrel. This is also the size that you will need to get the loose bouncy beach curves.


The barrels inside the hair curling tools come up with specific materials. The quality and the productive properties of the material determine how suitable they will be for your hair needs and getting the best curls. The material is also something that ascertains how your hair will be treated in terms of their health while being curled. The following are different types of materials with their basic information that you must consider when shortlisting a hair curler for purchase:

· Ceramic – Ceramic is the most of all the materials that you will find in hair curling products. It is known for heating up very quickly and also ensures even distribution of the heat through the plates. They work exceptionally well all around. This is the trusted choice of most of the reliable and popular brands for the hair curling tools for the desirable properties and performance.

· Tourmaline – It is made from tourmaline material and the curling ions with such material emit negative ions. This is ideally helpful for users to combat frizz in their hair. People with fine hair must consider this type.

· Titanium This is a high end material for curling hair devices and for their premium quality, they are usually preferred by professional stylists in their salons. These types of products are the lightest among all and are also known for attaining very high temperatures for getting curls done.

· Gold This is also an acceptable material and it is mostly preferred for its ability to heat up quickly and evenly. They are ideal for those people having thick and coarse hair types.

Heat Settings

Heat setting is probably among the top 3 most critical factors to determine the best hair curling product for purchase. Heat is the force behind these products to get you the curls and of course, you want to have it with precision. Involving heat with hair styling products is a natural concern of the users, which is right as well. However, a quality product employs heat in the most useful manner, where any possible side effects or chances of hair damage are eliminated. There can be some products that could provide you with temperatures in excess of 500 degrees F. No matter, whatever texture of hair you have, never allow your device to go above 450 degrees F. In order to safeguard the health of your hair, you may also consider using a quality hair protectant, before getting your curls using the tool. Further, it is also highly important for the products to offer an adjustable temperature. For thin hair, you will need a very low temperature. Products with adjustable temperatures are always useful and safe. The following are some temperature ranges to ensure for certain hair texture conditions:

· Chemically Treated or Fine Hair – For such hair type, the maximum temperature range that you could go is 300 degrees F. These are the most vulnerable hair type to heat and are most likely to get damaged if exposed to higher heat temperatures than advised.

· Medium Thick Hair – If you have healthy hair with medium thickness, then the most desirable temperature range of the hair curling equipment is 300 – 380 degrees F.

· Thick Coarse or Naturally Curly Hair – For such hair texture, you can consider temperature setting within the range of 350 – 450 degrees F.

Auto Shut-off

For any electrical component, especially those involving higher heat, the auto shut-off feature is a must. It is possible for anyone to forget switching off the device after use. The auto shut-off feature endorses safe to use and at the same time, it saves energy as well. The majority of the top products, irrespective of the hair curler type, offer this feature.

LCD Display

The best products in the subject category offer small LCD displays as well. This is a highly useful feature as you can apply and monitor your settings. This is most importantly useful for monitoring the temperature settings as you don’t want any unwanted heat unknowingly, which could damage your hair.


For a hair curler device, the main ergonomic feature is the handle or the grip of the product. For a product producing heat for doing the job, a comfortable handle ensuring a safe and heatproof handle is a must.

Final Verdict:

A lot of curly hairstyles are inspired by many famous celebrities and it has quickly become the talk of the town. You can have those lovely curls right at the comfort of your home. Coming right away across terms like tourmaline, ceramic, barrel size, flat iron and wand etc. would confuse the first timers. The detailed information given above would familiarize you with everything you need to know about the different types of hair curlers. By now, you also have all the information about specific features of the different types of hair curlers and how they suit your needs. We are sure that you are ready to make your decision now to buy your preferred hair curler.

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