What Lasts Longer Microblading or Tattoo?

Women today look to be effortlessly stylish. Yet, they are more concerned about what methods for their facial styling are most enduring, apart from being in-fashion too.

If we talk specifically about, eyebrows, it is a whole big domain for women fashionistas to give that its due consideration. Eyebrows tend to grow and demand maintenance or enhancement regularly over time.

The prime objective for women here is to go with the lining, shape, and thickness of their eyebrows. Out of all the tried and rejected methods, two premier techniques are in relevance today for the eyebrows job and those are Microblading and tattoo.

Yet, there is a huge debate going on in the fashion world that which one of these two is most enduring and desirable for women. If you are looking for information in this regard, then you are at the right place for sure.

Busting Myth around Microblading VS. Tattoo:

A lot of people have the misconception that micro-blading and tattoo are two names of the same thing. This might be due to the procedural pain in both methods, which is apparently the same and usually much more with a tattoo. In reality, both these techniques or eyebrows processes are quite different from each other.

The only major thing that binds both these processes together is the outcome, which is the same. As we can see in our subject of discussion, we are looking for the one that lasts long for the eyebrows and this is where the procedural differences among both come into play, where one is better than the other.

The specific materials used in both for drawing are quite dissimilar and that plays a pivotal role in the longevity of the outcome. We will be covering both the microblading and tattoo processes in detail below.

Why Eyebrows Process is needed in the first place?

The eyebrows are one of the most prominent features of face for anyone. It gives your face a certain definition, while beautifully rounding up the whole makeup look.

Just having a glance into the recent trends as endorsed by many of the renowned eyebrows artists, the bushy eyebrows are booming in fashion for quite some time now. They have easily outrun the vintage thin eyebrows style, which was once popular long ago in the 1960s.

Unfortunately, every woman is not naturally blessed with dense eyebrows. It is for this reason, the eyebrow techniques such as tattooing or micro blading are so popular these days.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a process that emphasizes on creating the best possible shape of the eyebrow as per your face.

It includes artistical implantation of color under the first layer of the skin to i.e epidermis. In this, the hair-like micro-blading or cuts let the color penetrate the epidermis and give hair-like imitation. Using this technique people can have their desired eyebrow shapes that last longer and stay in shape.

The process leads to a different outcome for each client and that also depends on the mastery of the eyebrow artist as well.

The microblading process is quite precise, which is possible with the usage of specialized tools that compromises mainly of a pen-like tool with a nib.

The nib is actually especially positioned blade along with 10s of needles attached at its end. The needles in this process do not penetrate into the skin at all. It is just that the needles scratch the top layer of the skin very delicately, which is nothing more than a paper cut. The needle tool very finely and gently implants the lightweight strokes along with a medical-grade colorant being used over the epidermis stratum of the skin. The pigment or the colorant used is mean to create natural, fine and realistic strokes over the eyebrow area.

Despite having needles overtaking most of our discussion above, the process isn’t painful at all. The microblading artist uses the pen-like tool with a nib and needles to shape your eyebrow using ink. It has proved to be the most efficient procedure for all those people having sparse and narrow eyebrows.

You get this done without going through any painful injections or using permanent pigments or any other surgeries. These semi-permanent eyebrows tend to last anywhere between 6 to 36 weekly.

The temporary longevity of this method primarily depends on the type of your skin. Further, the cost associated with this method is also low, which makes the repetition of this process over time quite feasible. You can go out every day with much more confidence and style and without the issue of having your eyebrows designed daily.

The following are some key points associated with microblading:

  • The process involves the usage of the handheld microblade tool with needles.
  • Risks are associated with microblading and even tattooing as both tend to break into your skin to some level. The pigments used are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the unhygienic conditions of the vicinity may multiply the risk involved.
  • Allergic reactions are a possibility due to the organic pigments being used. However, chances are rare.
  • The infectious disease could be a possibility as microblading breaks into your skin. Unsterile equipment could trigger the chances of such infections.
  • Considerably extensive aftercare is required. Excessive water exposure to eyebrows should be avoided for 7 to 10 days. This includes avoiding long showers and swimming etc. Makeup on the brow area should also be avoided and not to use scrubs, ointments or peels on the face for 10 days.
  • The outcome is although semi-permanent but quite effective. The procedure on average could cost $500, depending on the fact that you get it right for the first time. Any rectification required would need to be redone, which adds more to the cost. Therefore, always chose the esthetician carefully.
  • One the aftercare phase is over and the skin has properly healed, you could think about protecting the brow area by applying sunscreen. This will also help in preventing the pigment from fading.
  • Avoid to sleep on your face for a period of 10 days.
  • You may also require to have a touch-up session after 4 to 8 weeks, post the procedure. Your esthetician could give the best advice in this regard.

What is Tattooing?

Tattooing is a scaled-up version of microblading. Whatever the tattoo artist pus on your eyebrows, it will stay there for life. It has become a huge rage in recent times with many celebrities opting for this method for a much denser eyebrow.

The pigment or the ink is injected right into your skin with the usage of sharp needles. This does sound a bit painful and scary as well, but the sophisticated modern technology has considerably controlled such thoughts. Many people are going for this option in order to thicken and darken their eyebrows, and that too with a much denser look of the brows.

Tattooing also comes with much better options as compared with microblading.

As the subject technology is permanent, so there are quite a few considerations before taking this critical condition. Your eyebrow artist/ stylist may ask you a few questions before going with the eyebrow tattooing procedure. You might be asked to have eyebrows with thick hairs and a much prominently defined outline.

You could be asked about having much sparser hair strokes in order to make them look more organic. You may also opt for shaping your brows by employing just a few hair strokes only. Remember, that he advises of your stylist matters the most and he could give you the best opinion as to what will look better with your face.

If you are not sure about any of the above considerations then it is better not to go ahead with the procedure at any given time.

The first look of tattooed eyebrows is much denser eyebrows with rich color. This settles down over time and 30 to 70 percent of the color would fade in the first week, which is desirable. The size of the brows may also shrink and the esthetician takes special care of this while redesigning your eyebrows texture. Nevertheless, the outcome is more natural and that you can best experience after a week of treatment.

The procedure is most suitable for those who want to have a background “shading” in order to have a kind of a powdered eyebrow. The method also helps in filling or thickening of the brows.

A few key points about tattooing eyebrows are given below:

  • The procedure can be painful, which is performed by numbing the area to avoid any pain. Usually, a numbing cream is applied around the brow area. If you have low endurance to pain, then it is advised to take a painkiller in advance.
  • You might find your first look after the procedure to be a bit overdone. But, this is OK as the color would fade away and come to its natural and much subtle level after a week’s time and you may also experience a shrink in size of the brows.
  • Retouch of eyebrows is highly warranted. This will help in catering to the imperfections and also to reassess the symmetry and the depth of color being applied.
  • Aftercare is required here as well. You might need to apply some balm across the impacted area, especially when you experience some itchiness or dryness of the skin. Be sure not to expose your eyebrows to open water for a week’s time at least. Sunlight should also be avoided for the same duration of time along with creamy moistures as well.
  • Risks involved are almost the same as with microblading discussed above. You need to be really careful in selecting the esthetician for the job as the success entirely rests on his/ her expertise. You should also look to ask your esthetician if their clinic does have the Infection and Hygiene Control Certification or not. Make sure that the tools are sterilized and the disposable ones are opened right in front of you.

Which one is better among Microblading and Tattooing and Which Lasts Longer?

Both microblading and tattooing eyebrows have their own specific set of pros and cons. Depending on their relevancy to your particular skin type, both can bring desirable results for you. However, if the longevity or the endurance is concerned then the eyebrow tattooing process is a clear winner as that is permanently done. On the other hand, the semi-permanent microblading process is short-lived and you need to freshen up the pigments after a few months or maybe a couple of years, depending on your skin type.

The selection or preference of any of the two methods depends on your skin type, budget, pain endurance, and your own personal liking. However, tattooing eyebrows seem to have the upper hand mainly because of its longevity that provides a one-time solution for your needs.

The success of any of the procedures depends mainly on the expertise of the eyebrow artist and you should be very careful in selecting the artists Also considering the vicinity is critical in which the procedure has to be performed.

Many of the tattooing eyebrow clients are those, who already have gone through the microblading treatments and are not satisfied, just because the earlier treatment was poorly performed. The tattooing would conceal or camouflage all the flaws in the prior procedure outcome with which you are unhappy. Cost is a secondary issue, but tattooing being an expensive procedure than microblading, the former I still cost-effective as it lasts long.


Microblading VS. A tattoo is never-ending in recent times, where both the cosmetic procedures have their own specific pros and cons. Both the methods promise to give the same output with a very organic look to the eyebrows.

However, microblading is a method that has a certain expiry date and you need to refer back to your eyebrow artist to get it done again.

Nonetheless, this method is painless and preferred by many of those having sparse and narrow eyebrows.

On the other end, tattooing eyebrows is the one that is once done and lasts for a lifetime. However, based on your pain threshold, this method could be painful in general and also costs much more than microblading.