SmokinTex Electric smoker

SmokinTex electric smoker is a premium quality smoker brand that has been around for more than a decade. In fact, the company was established around two decades ago. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds to become a top quality BBQ smoker brand.

The company prides itself on producing best electric smoker that meet the high demand for seasoned BBQuers for well-flavored BBQ meals. There are some high-quality electric smokers the company has produced. These smokers are durable, portable, and very efficient for smoking different types of meals.

Let’s look into the features of the best SmokinTex electroic smokers available in the market today.

SmokinTex Electric smokers Review

Smokintex 1100 Pro Series Electric Smoker

Smokintex 1100 Pro Series

Our Rating: [star rating=”4.8″ numeric=”yes”]

The SmokinTex 1100 model is the most portable of all models reviewed here. The smoker is completely designed with stainless steel. This design makes it a good heat insulator when cooking in cold weather.

And because of the stainless steel, the smoker stay cool from the outside even though it still maintains the hot temperature within it. This makes it safe for children when they mistakenly touch the smoker.

SmokinTex 1100 controls temperature from 100 to 250 degree Fahrenheit with a 350-watt heating element. There are 2 different cooking grids in the smoker with maximum space capacity of 23lbs.

There is an additional space where you can add a 3rd grid. However, you need to buy the extra grid and fix on your own.  But you can smoke a considerable amount of food with the 2 installed grids, so a third may not be necessary.

Features of the smoker

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  • Economically operated with any type of woodchip
  • Double-walled stainless steel design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Efficient use of electricity and wood


One great benefit of using the SmokinTex 1100 smoker is the convenience of cooking without bothering about constant checkup. Just fill up the cooking space and turn on the thermometer to the required temperature. The smoker will do the rest for you. That’s why it’s perfect for grillers who are still having a difficult time smoking meat the right way.

Although it does not come with a glass door like some other models, its overall features are cool enough to smoke your favorite meals. It’s highly recommended for its simplicity and durable design.

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Smokin Tex Pro 1400

Smokin Tex Pro 1400Our Rating: [star rating=”3.8″ numeric=”yes”]

The major difference between the smoking Tex 1100 and 1400 model is their size. So, we won’t go too much about details like above.

The smoker pro 1400 model is constructed with stainless steel to provide durability and better heat retention just like its sister model above. And it still maintains the same temperature levels of 1000 F to 2500 F. But as expected, the heating element and cooking space are bigger.

Features of the smoker

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  • Double-walled stainless steel construction
  • Very easy to use
  • 38 lbs of cooking space
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


Smokin Tex Pro 1400 can take up to 38lbs of meat for a single smoking task. Its 800watt heating element gives it enough heat to cook bigger cuts of meat and sustain high temperature.

While the smaller version comes with 2 cooking grids, this model has 4 cooking grids. This gives you enough space and cooking options when making your favorite seafood or meat.

However, the major discouraging factor about this electric smoker is the price. It’s more expensive than some other models. Those who are really short on a budget may find it difficult to free up some extra money for a smoker. But if you want to go for quality, we will advise you to go for this product. It’s well worth it.

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Smokin Tex Pro 1400 Deluxe Electric Smoker

Smokin Tex Pro 1400 Deluxe Electric Smoker

Our Rating: [star rating=”4.9″ numeric=”yes”]

Smokin Tex Deluxe is a premium quality electric smoker which comes with 5 different types of wood chips.  The smoker is very easy to assemble and use. Just like the models reviewed above, it has a stainless steel design to withstand high impact temperature while staying cool at the outer surface.

It comes with the 800watt heating element and 1000 F to 2500 F temperature settings. This gives you the right temperature to smoke virtually any type of meat. So, whether you are looking to prepare briskets, pork, chicken, or seafood, the smoker is well designed for juicy and smoky flavored meals.

The 5 varieties of woodchips that come with the smoker give grillers a lot of smoke flavor options. This saves you time and extra cost to buy woodchip. Moreover, you can use the smoker immediately with the provided woodchips.

Features of the smoker

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  • All stainless steel design
  • 5 varieties of woodchips
  • 38 lbs cooking space per load
  • Easy to assemble and use


Grillers don’t need to do a lot when using the smoker. As long as the right temperature is set and the required woodchips are added, it will do a nice job. It comes with wheels for easy movement.  So, you can decide to grill outdoor or take it out for a picnic.

Some electric smokers have inconsistent temperature readings, but not this model. It holds temperature consistently and accurately. This feature will be very beneficial to a newbie who doesn’t have a perfect understanding of different temperature settings for different meals.

For this smoker, you only need to follow the cooking instructions and set the temperature. The cooking and timing will be done by the electric smoker.  Although it may be a bit more expensive, there are good reasons to believe that buying Smokin Tex Deluxe will be a worthwhile investment.

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The reputation of a company should be considered when selecting the right electric smoker for your needs. And surely, this brand has a lot to offer. Their smokers are well designed with double-walled stainless steel. Another important feature to look for in an electric smoker is the heating element. All the models reviewed above have high and consistent heating elements. If you are in need of a premium quality electric smoker, the models reviewed above are among the best you can find right now.

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