Hi guys, I’m going to be reviewing the Respawn 900. This chair has an independent back trip and also the footrest so you can if you’d like to have you know your straight back but you want to have your feet up while you’re gaming. It works great unfortunately it does not work well for PC gaming just because of desk height and it’s really wide and the swivel.

It’s just not ideal for Gaming computers but for console gaming, this thing is the best you will never find a better chair than this. I believe right now they’re retailing around 289 or so and for that much money I mean this is a nice chair so over on this side of the chair it has a velcro controller pouch that just sticks on right there I’ve never had a problem with it falling off.

It’s got a little divider in here so you could put you know controllers on one side and a controller in there okay like remotes on one side and controllers on the other.

It’s got a cup holder that is big enough for all the modern Yetis and all other kinds of mugs that you could want to fit in here also the chair is very sturdy when you’re gaming and stuff no matter what you want to do this thing’s not going anywhere some of the problems that I have had with this chair when it comes to longer-term gaming like three-four hours is the leather does not breathe very well so after sitting a  while you start to sweat.

RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner
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It doesn’t work well when it comes to that but you know you can get up and take a break and that’s not the end of the world

but uh yeah so I mean for cons you know this except the fact the leather doesn’t breathe this pillow you know all gaming chairs these days come with this you know adjustable neck pillow and it works but it’s not the best you know I’d probably get rid of it but here and there I do like to use it but all around for 289 bucks, there aren’t any other recliner chairs like this on the market designed for gaming that have the bucket seats so you know there’s not many other options so for what it is I think this is worth the 289 dollars. I think when I got it it was closer to 300 but they’ve come down a little bit overall I do think it is a great chair there’s nothing else.

You could replace it if it doesn’t work well for PC gaming like I said but for console gaming. It works great but other than that guys that’s just about all I have to say about it it’s, uh you know you can’t go wrong so thanks for reading, I hope you guys tune

in for some more of my tips and tricks and I’m gonna be I’ve got a little steering wheel over here I’ll do a review of that one these days but

other than that guy’s thanks.

A Gaming Recliner?! Why?

my friend’s gaming chairs are great but what I’ve noticed is that after spending a long day in a normal chair while working on my computer one of the big things I want to do is kick up my feet and now. I can do it on things like a box but it just doesn’t provide the same satisfaction as kicking up your legs on the couch which is why I picked up this to see if I might be able to solve my comparability woes while playing video games with a gaming recliner chair which I know sounds a little stupid They can get pretty pricey I think the cougar ranger goes for like 350 dollars so I decided to find the cheapest one that I could on amazon which is this one which has a built-in massage feature mind you for 150 dollars.

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