Is Oxyclean An Enzyme Cleaner

Is Oxyclean An Enzyme Cleaner

There are different products available online for cleaning cat urine stains. Some of these products actually work while others are not really effective. Oxiclean/oxyclean is one of the products used in cleaning urine stains from cats. However, many people have actually wondered whether it is very effective.

To answer this question, we are going to throw more light on OxiClean and provide information about its stain removal effectiveness. You will also get to know how to use the OxiClean and benefits of using the product.

Is OxiClean an enzyme cleaner?

Of course, OxiClean contains enzymes used for the sole purpose of breaking down difficult chemicals found in cat urines. The components in OxiClean make it one of the most effective enzyme strainers to use on cat urine stains. Home-made products do not actually clean off the stains. Yes, it might clean the physical stains but the nitrogen composition and other bacteria may not come off easily.

Is OxiClean an enzyme cleaner

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Comparing OxiClean with homemade cleaner

Typical household cleaners or home-made mixtures do not have all the necessary ingredients to completely get rid of stains from cat urine. Baking soda and vinegar may work to temporarily neutralize odor.

But the problem is, the chemical composition in cat urine is much more difficult to remove with these components. The break down chemical bonds, you will need a product composed of enzymes. This will yield a better result because it goes directly to dilute the chemical compounds and wipe them off completely.

Why Oxiclean is very potent for cleaning chemical compounds in urine?

The uric acid present in cat urine makes it very difficult to clean with normal cleaning agents. Generally, these components can stay for up to 6 months because they are very sticky to the environment they stay in. But with OxiClean these difficult chemicals can be removed.

Hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, ammonia, baking soda, vinegar, and soap do not have the chemical capability to break down the uric acid in the cat’s urine.

They are only useful to an extent. They will get rid of the odor temporarily. But humidity can cause the acid crystals in the urine to form again, leading to more odors. The best way to get rid of the long term odor completely is with a product that contains enzymes. Interestingly, Oxiclean is one of such products.

The enzyme usually breaks down uric acid to ammonia and carbon dioxide. These gases can evaporate with the odor easily. In general, it is important to give the Oxiclean product more time after spraying to dry out naturally. When it dries naturally, it will dilute the uric acid, which ensures the evaporation of the gases.

How to use OxiClean as an enzyme cleaner

Before applying OxiClean on the affected area, use other chemicals to clean the spot. Use detergent or soap to clean the affected area before spraying OxiClean. This will increase the intensity of the Oxiclean effectiveness and make it easier to clean.

You can test the cleaner in a different area before using it on cushions or other mild areas. This will help you confirm it doesn’t wipe off color from the surface.

After applying the Oxiclean formula, cover the application spot with a flat material like plastic. It will help to keep the affected spot warm, which ultimately improves the performance of the enzyme cleaner.

For stubborn stains, scrubbing the cleaner on the spot using bristle brush will help soften the chemical and clean off the odor completely.

Although water is an enabler for the OxiClean, it likely not going to withstand hot water. Do not mix with hot water because they don’t work together.

In areas where the rate of urine stain is relatively high due to prolonged urine concentration, a more extensive approach should be used. It could involve the replacement of floorboards or removal of padding/carpet. These should be done before spraying Oxiclean in the area. But just like other cleaning products, it’s highly essential to read manufacturer’s instruction before use.

Another benefit of Oxiclean enzyme cleaner is the long-lasting effect. If there are urine stains and odor that have lingered for so long, Oxiclean is the right enzyme cleaner to use in this situation.

Overall, OxiClean or Oxyclean is certainly an effective enzyme cleaner. It cleans deeply and dilutes the chemicals, allowing it to evaporate naturally. You may also use other enzyme cleaners like TweetMint Enzyme Cleaner, Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odor Enzymatic Cleaner and Pet Dog Urine Enzyme Cleaner, that assure odor and stain removal caused by pet urine.

Is Oxyclean An Enzyme Cleaner
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