How To Tell When Smoked Brisket Is Done

Smoked Brisket
How To Tell When Smoked Brisket Is Done

Briskets are BBQ delicacies loved by anyone who enjoys a properly smoked meat.  They are delectable in and have a distinct texture when chewing them. However, not everyone knows how to prepare this highly flavored BBQ meat using the proven BBQ tips for smoking in electric smoker. Brisket is usually prepared through smoking. And of course, the smoking process takes a bit of time.

That’s why so many people don’t actually know when it’s the right time to complete their cooking. Remember that beef brisket is a large cut from the cow’s lowest breast region. It is usually tougher than most other parts of the meat. Briskets have high level of connecting tissues, which makes them very strong to eat when not cooked properly. This content will help you understand

how to tell when smoked brisket is done.

Step 1: checking the time

Briskets are usually smoked under e temperature of 2200 F. But if the particular cut you are cooking is large, you can raise the temperature to 2500 F. Generally, the quantity of brisket you are smoking will determine the length of time needed to get it done. If you are smoking only a pound of brisket, about 1.5 hours should be enough for you.  

For a 4-pound brisket, you should expect the brisket to get ready in 5 hours time when you maintain the same level of temperature. You can use this ratio to determine the amount of time needed to smoke any propound of brisket. However, time is not the only thing you should be concerned about. There are various factors that can affect the smoking time, so you should also pay attention to the brisket.

Step 2: Using meat thermometer in electric smoker and others

Use some apparatus to verify when brisket is actually done

The meat thermometer is a very popular apparatus for this. It’s the single most important measure for newbies. Essentially, you can check the doneness of the meat by nudging the meat thermometer unto the meat. When the thermometer reaches about 1800 F, it’s a good indication that the inside of the brisket has become tender. 

Do not use a grill hood thermometer

If you don’t want to get fake-outs, it’s best not to use a grill hood thermometer. It will only measure the air temperature close to the hood, without actually reading the meat temperature. So, it’s highly unreliable. It’s not a proper way on how to tell when smoked brisket is done. Instead, use a very good temperature probe.

When you are checking the temperature, it’s important not to concentrate only on when it is tender. It’s also not good to overcook the meat. Do not allow the meat temperature to exceed 2100 F. Any temperature range above that only means one thing.

Your meat has likely been overcooked. It will cause the brisket to get undesirable and mushy. So, you have to be watchful and target when the meat is actually done without overcooking it. The meat thermometer will surely come in handy for this. Aim at between 1800 F and 1900 F. Anything below that or above that may not be enough or too much.

Step 3: Manual check

If you don’t have a proper working meat thermometer, you can check manually. Take a sharp knife and cut a small portion of the meat (about 1/4inch thin). With your two hands, try to tear the meat apart. If it tears easily, the brisket is already cooked.

However, if the meat still shows some level of resistance, it’s a clear indication that it’s not yet done. If the pressure of your hands as you pull wide does not tear the meat, it only means it’s still tough. And a tough meat is not anyone’s friend.

Step 4: Poke It

Another manual way of determining a properly cooked meat is by poking the meat with a knife. Use a knife to poke your brisket. When the meat does not show any resistance, your meat is probably done. However, a level of moderation is needed here. Constantly poking your meat may take out some levels of heat that has already built up in the smoker.

Instead, use this method as a final check to be very sure the meat is cooked. One of the key strategies of cooking brisket is to give it enough enclosed heat as much as possible. For proper temperature and time you need for smoking any meat/ brisket you may need to refer here for time and temperature charts in an electric smoker

To make sure your meat is properly done, give it some time after taking it out from the oven. Generally, as the outer part of the meat gets cold, the inner part may continue cooking for some time. Remember that the outer part is most likely going to get cooked before the inner part. So, you have to be absolutely sure the inner part is also cooked.

With all these ways on

how to tell when smoked brisket is done, you can’t go wrong when you observe properly. Even if you don’t have a meat thermometer, other methods mentioned above are equally effective.

you can’t go wrong when you observe properly. Even if you don’t have a meat thermometer, other methods mentioned above are equally effective.

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