Emson Smoker – The Indoor electric Smoker review


Cooking industry in general and smoker industry, in particular, have progressed in leaps and bounds over the past few years. After seeing many competitive electric smokers and gas smokers etc., we are now served with the indoor electric smokers that take the smoking experience to an altogether newer level.

There are several commercial grade pressure smokers, but this Emson smoker is the first of its kind that is aptly designed as an indoor smoker to serve domestic smoking needs.

Moreover, it is highly economical and one of the best deals that you can get under $100.

How does the Emson Smoker Works?

The Emson Smoker works like a charm inside your house. Practically, it operates by heating up the wood chips in wet form, until they are set to smoke. The smoke then surrounds and penetrates deep inside the meat or any other food item that you are smoking.

Depending on the nature of the food item, you may choose to place the food item in the rack or place them by removing the rack, if the size of the meat is large, such as turkey breast.

The unit provides your food with its signature smoky taste. The end result on the table is tender with the most desirable juicy perfection.

Top Features of Emson indoor Smoker:

  • Smoker Capacity – The smoker has a capacity of 5 quarts.
  • Cooking Capacity – It has the capacity of cooking 4 pounds of food in one go.
  • Cooking Versatility – The smoker is capable of providing standard cooking, sears and as well as cold smoking.
  • Cooking Efficiency – Apart from taste enhancement, this smoker considerably reduces cooking time by 50%.
  • Digital Settings – its control panel provides preset timers to be used for hassle-free indoor smoking.
  • Power – The unit produces 1000 Watts of power.
  • Safety Measures – The smoker is tested for safe indoor smoking. The smoke smell is controlled and doesn’t spread in the entire house.


  • Cold Smoke – Cold smoke is impeccable and gives a great taste to food and can be ideal for cold smoking jalapeno peppers, cheese (mozzarella) and even salmon as well.
  • Versatility – The pressure smoker can be used for a variety of cooking such as red meat, white meat, fish and vegetables, etc.
  • Wood Chips Usage – You can enhance the taste of your food being smoked by adding desirable such as pecan wood, cedar wood or any other chip of your liking or whatever suits the food being smoked.
  • Quick Cooking/ Smoking – The smoking unit provides faster smoking results as it employs pressure for smoking. The majority of the food gets fully smoked and ready to eat within 40 minutes or so.
  • Smoke Flavor Range – As per the inspection of cooked food by tasting, it is found that the smoke flavor penetrates deep inside the smoked food and doesn’t only tastes on the surface.
  • Recipe Booklet – The unit comes packed with a useful recipe booklet. All the recipes are well described and ideal to be tried first in this unit in order to get a good feel of it.


  • Limited Capacity – The pressure smoker only fulfills basic and minimal requirements for smoking in terms of its capacity. As an example, a maximum of 2 turkey thighs would only fit inside the pressure smoker.
  • Cleaning/ Maintenance Hassle – The wood chip box after smoking can be a huge mess and cleaning it can be very challenging.

The out of the box benefits of using an indoor smoker:

  • Unlike the outdoor smokers, you have the liberty to use the indoor pressure smoker all year round, irrespective of the weather outside.
  • The indoor pressure smoker like Emson is ideally made for kitchen and easily fits the countertop or any standard space in the kitchen for storage.
  •  Majority of the indoor smokers including Emson Pressure Smoker utilizes far less wood and other utilities such as electricity. It is because of their small size, which eventually helps you with lower operational cost.
  • The indoor pressure smokers give you more control over smoking as they are high-tech units. You have the best control over the moisture, heat and the smoking levels with the ability to monitor the smoking chamber.

What Customers have to say about the Emerson Pressure Smoker?

The Emson Smoker has made a good customer base that is highly impressed with the performance, functionality, and versatility of the unit. Smoking a Turkey has been the best option that customers have loved so far. An 8 pounds of turkey meat of thigh cut took just around 40 minutes to smoke and gave a taste as if it was smoking for the entire day.

In order to accommodate several ribs, people have tried doubling the ribs placement in the top rack, which doesn’t impact cooking. Rather consistent taste is obtained. The smoked flavor is experienced deep inside the food item, which takes the experience to a newer level. The practical usage of the grill has shown that cooked meat comes out clean with no burnt, grill or charring marks. Cleanup of most of the machine is very easy, except for the wood box. Overall, the unit is quite easy to operate as users love it for its user-friendly control panel and preset timers for smoking.

A lot of people just get confused with the E2 error and assume that the unit has fully crashed. However, it is just a known error code where you need to reset the unit by checking everything to be in place. Customers find the unit pretty easy to set up, which is mostly thanks to the instructions manual that comes along. However, a few users also found that smoking inside the house with the unit causes an odor that remains inside for the next few days.

In short, the majority of customers claims that it exactly does what it says.


Is Emerson Smoker provides cold smoking capability as well?

Yes, and that is its key selling point where cold smoking of multiple food items, especially cheese and vegetables, etc. is as good as any other cooking type.

What does the code E2 represent in the timer countdown?

The E2 represents an error code. This code may also be dependent on the type of smoking, which could be either hot or cold. If this error code is encountered then unplug the device and wait for at least 5 minutes. Check all the necessities such as the lid, cup, and arrow lined up and the pot, etc. are set up properly. Once everything checked then you can switch on the unit again for normal operations.

Can I use the bottom of the pot while not employing the given racks?

Yes, the pressure smoker can be innovatively used. One use case for such setting is to put the turkey breast without racks in order to get it easily fit inside the unit. However, this needs to be carefully done as you must not let the turkey breast burnt as it is in very close approximation at that place to heat.

What voltage is offered with this smoker? Does it support 240 volts?

The Emson Smoker offers 110 volts only. Unfortunately, it isn’t available with 240 volts.

What are the cleaning challenges? Is it too hard to get the cleaning job done?

The Emson Smoker overall is not too hard to clean. The inner pot of the smoker is coated. You can detach it and easily wash it in the kitchen sink.

The main challenge in cleaning is the pot that holds the wood chips. This doesn’t touch the food at all. So, users may target to clean the maximum they can and the residue stuff could be ignored in the pot as you can do nothing about it.

As a tip, be careful about not submerging the entire smoking unit in water for cleaning as it has electronic parts.

What is the maximum smoking temperature that this unit could achieve?

The pressure smoker has the capacity to cook meat at 350 degrees. Producing that much temperature in such a small unit is one of the key parameters for ensuring fast and reliable smoking.

Can this unit work as a standard pressure cooker?

Yes, but be sure that you are not putting any wood chips inside when using as a standard pressure cooker.

Our Conclusion:

In essence, the Emson Smoker gives the performance and productivity that is beyond imagination. It is preferred by users for its quick smoking for anything ranging from meat to fish to vegetables. The unit is versatile in the sense that it could provide both hot and cold smoking.

The timer settings over the control panel provide hassle-free smoking experience with no constant monitoring required. You may employ the chip box for adding wood chips to enhance the taste.

However, the capacity of this indoor electric smoker unit can be an issue to accommodate larger food items and sometimes chip box cleaning can be a bit of a hassle

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