Cookshack SM025 Smokette Elite Electric Smoker Review

There are several advantages that come with buying an electric smoker that even gas or charcoal smokers can’t offer, such as precise temperature control, and a design that’s best described as user-friendly.

If you’re looking for a large, durable, easy to use electric smoker that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, then you’re going to fall in love with the Cookshack SM025 Smokette Elite.

Overview and Features

This model comes with an aluminum drip pan, five pounds of hickory wood chips, user’s manual, meat probe, and a cookbook called Smoking at Home.

Unlike lower priced smokers, this model feature double walled stainless steel construction, and an eight-hundred-and-fifty-degree fiber glass insulation designed to prevent the exterior from heating up.

This model has a cooking capacity of twenty-five pounds, with a cooking area that measures in at five hundred and four-square inches. For some, the twenty-five-pound max capacity may be too much smoker too handle, especially if the smoker is going to be used for small family dinners. If you’re in need of a smaller model, we recommend the Bradley BTIS1 Original electric smoker.

Temperature Range

The temperature range for the Smokette is also pretty impressive, coming in at one hundred to three hundred degrees. For more precise temperature control, the smoker features digital temperature controls.


Inside you’ll find a couple of racks. The racks are adjustable, so you can remove the upper rack if you need some extra space for a roast or turkey.


This model also comes equipped with a powerful heating element that offers seven hundred and fifty watts. It provides enough power to generate up to three hundred degrees, so you’ll be able to smoke all types of meat.

Smoke Box

The easy access smoke box allows you to add more wood chips during the smoking process without having to open the door. As you know, smoke from wood enhances the flavor of the meat. You’ll be able to use different types of wood chips or chunks in the larger than average smoke box.

Cold Smoking Baffle and External Drip Pan

You’ll get an extra drip pan that’s designed to catch oil and grease that drips from the meat. This feature also makes cleanup a breeze.

The included cold smoking baffle is perfect for cold smoking your favorite cheese and veggies.

Meat Probe

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The meat probe is used to check the internal heat level of the smoking meat. It’s essential to get an exact temperature from the meat before you pull it out of the smoker.


Cleaning up after the meat has finished smoking is fast and simple. To do, disconnect the smoker and allow it to cool for thirty minutes. Remove the racks, scraping and washing them off using warm, soapy water. Both racks are dishwasher safe, but you must use a gentle cleanser.

You can easily remove the wood and ash from the smoke box by removing the foil’s cover.

Use a cloth or some paper towels to remove the grease from inside the smoker, then empty out the drippings and replace the pan.

Scrap out the interior of the smoker, removing any lose grease or scale from the walls.

It’s important to ensure that the foil is changed and that the bottom of the oven has been thoroughly cleaned after each use.

Why You’ll Love this Smoker

If you don’t know how to use an electric smoker, rest assured that the Smokette can handle most of the work for you. The digital controls make it easy to set the temperature, timer, and allow the smoker to do the rest.

Ultimately, the only thing you need to keep an eye on is the wood box, if you want to add a bolder smoky flavor to your meat. Otherwise, one helping of wood chips is sufficient for a milder flavor.

Most top rated electric smokers feature a stainless-steel construction, but this manufacturer takes it to the next level. The quality of the construction makes this model incredibly tough, sturdy and allows it to function at full capacity without any complaints.

One of the most important things consumers are looking for when they’re shopping for an electric smoker is ease of use. This is especially true for people who don’t have any experience smoking.  This model by Cookshack offers that classic set it and forget it function that gives the user the freedom to work around the home or run errands. You won’t have to constantly keep a close eye on your smoking meat like you would with a gas or charcoal smoker.

Portability is another feature people are looking for in a smoker. The smoker’s wheels allow you to effortlessly move it and store it away when not in use. The castors also have locks, so you can lock it in place during use. Truly, this smoker has it all.

Unlike other models in this price range, the manufacturer includes a five-pound bag of wood chips to get you started. Hickory is a perfect choice and offers a bold, rich smoky flavor that every barbeque enthusiast loves.


One of the major drawbacks for this model is the price. The Smokette will definitely cost you, but considering the durability, quality, and power it offers, we feel that it’s worth every penny.

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly model, click here to learn more about other leading models of electric smokers in our complete buyer’s guide.


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  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • High max temp
  • Meat probe included
  • Durable
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Versatile



  • Price

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BBQ Product Rating: [star rating=”5″ numeric=”yes”]

Cookshack SM025The Smokette by Cookshack is durable, easy to use, powerful, and very efficient. Beginners will love the easy operation while the pros will appreciate the durable construction, plenty of features, and the portable design. This is one smoker that has all the features you’re looking for in a tough electric smoker, including low maintenance needs, a higher than average max temp, and digital controls for precise temperature control. We gave this model a rating of five out of five stars.

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