Best type of smoker Brands

Are you looking for the best type of smoker brands that offers unique features when smoking your favorite BBQ meals? There are different types of electric grills on the market right now. It could be a challenging task to correctly select what you really need.

What would you consider when investing in an electric smoker? Well, for sure, there are lots of things to consider. The product’s brand should also be a major determining factor.  There are BBQ smoker brands that are leaders in the industry.

They have the best designs with durable construction materials. Our focus here is on the best brands of electric smokers in the industry. The brands reviewed below have premium quality products that will definitely meet your food smoking needs. Let’s find out which brands are topping the charts in the industry.

Best electric smoker brands


Headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, Masterbuilt is certainly the true master of BBQ smokers. The brand has been manufacturing and designing high-quality smokers of all types (electric, charcoal, gas grills, and camp stoves) since 1973. With their wealth of experience in the industry, they have a rich line of electric smokers for BBQ lovers.

Apart from electric smokers, the company also has other lines of kitchen tools such as patio grills, plates, lapper trays, BBC cookbooks, and a host of other accessories.

Masterbuilt brand places a lot of emphasis on quality and usability. That’s why most of its smokers have usability features for better convenience.

Interestingly, the brand offers its products at a very affordable price.  To easily identify Masterbuilt electric smoker models, you will see most of these features in their models.

Features of Masrerbuilt electronic smoker brand

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  • The brand offers a wide range of size options
  • Easy maintenance features
  • Cost of Masterbuilt models are very considerable
  • All replaceable parts are available
  • Products are designed with high-quality steel materials


One of its most popular products is the Masterbuilt RF Remote Control Electric Smoker. This electric smoker with remote control provides convenience when smoking your favorite BBQ meals. The brand has other lines of smokers designed to meet the needs of food smokers.  Masterbuilt has certainly built a reputation for itself in the industry. It is synonymous with quality, and many seasoned BBQ makers have made the brand their number one choice.


Charbroil has undoubtedly brought innovation into the industry. Their innovative principles have enabled them to manufacture some of the best electric smokers in the market right now. The brand began in 1948 with charcoal grills until it added electric smokers and other types of smokers into its production line. Since then, Charbroil has continued to set the pace with durable and high-quality smoker models for both experienced and novice food smokers. Charbroil has always stressed performance.

One of its flagship products, the Char-Broil Big easy electric smoker, is the true evidence of what the brand represents. The electric smoker is well designed with TRU infrared for convenience. The infrared technology helps BBQ lovers to check their food temperature even when they are not close.

Below are some of the unique features of the Charbroil brand:

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  • Most of their smoker models are designed with convenience in mind.
  • The brand comes with a strong and accurate thermometer
  • TRU infrared technology on their flagship electric smokers
  • Most models have well-sized cooking space


The Charbroil brand is a premium quality brand for those who are looking for a very durable and convenient electric smoker. If you want to have the best electric smoker without minding the cost, this brand has ideal products for you.


Bradley infuses technology with performance.  The brand gives BBQ enthusiasts total control of temperature and time settings for their food. Their smoker brand is made of stainless steel interior and epoxy steel exterior design, which provides durability.

Bradley is one of the most portable smoker brand options you have, even though their cooking spaces are still large enough.

Assembly and usability

All Bradley electrical models are very easy to assembly, as they do not require special mechanical skills for setup.  One of its best products is the Bradley 4 rack digital smoker. This digital smoker certainly offers a more convenient smoking option with digital temperature control.   Bradley is not only known for electric smokers but other types of smokers as well. They also manufacture charcoal and propane grills.

Below are the features that make Bradley distinguished from other brands:

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  • Easy setup and assembly
  • Strong stainless steel interior design
  • Enough smoking space for the users
  • More than 2 years warranty for all their models


Bradley smoker may not be as old as Masterbuilt in the industry, but the brand has taken huge strides to ensure it competes favorably with other smoker brands in the industry.   It’s certainly among the top quality smoker brands when it comes to convenience and durability.


Smoke Hollow was founded in 2005. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, providing some of the best smoker models in the industry. The brand has a wide range of BBQ smokers in their collection, including electric smokers, pellet grills, gas grills, and charcoal grills. It also offers smoking accessories that make smoking tasks easier.

Smoke Hollow has a similar design structure with Masterbuilt. This should not be surprising since the Smoke Hollow brand has now become a subsidiary of Masterbuilt. The fusion of technologies allows the brand to leverage all the benefits of convenience and sturdy design.

Some of the main features of the brand include:

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  • Durable innovative products that provide excellent food smoking platform
  • Consumer-centric designs for all products
  • Strong steel construction
  •  A wide range of smoker sizes for different consumer needs


The brand also has great products such as the Smoke Hollow 30-Inch Electric Smoker. Smoke Hollow 30-inch smoker is a very portable electric smoker that allows users to effectively grill their favorite foods with ease. It is ideal for both experienced and novice food smoker who are looking to master the act of smoking in the most convenient way.

If you are looking for a top quality brand that delivers great food smoking performance, the Smoke Hollow brand is a great option.


Here is another top quality brand for food smokers who want excellent temperature regulation and well-flavored BBQ meals. The brand has really come a long way since it was first launched in 1968. Initially, it was designed to provide meat smoking option effectiveness for fishermen who want to smoke their steelhead, trout, salmon, and other seafood.

Today, the Smokehouse brand provides a wide range of smokers and accessories such as insulation blankets, meat grinders, sausage making kits, BBQ pellets, and other accessories for a perfect smoking task.

The brand is seriously committed to helping meat smokers with the necessary grills and accessories to produce the perfect BBQ meals with rich flavors. Most Smoke Hollow brands have extra space to add your favorite wood chips for superior smoke flavor. And when it comes to assembly and setup, it doesn’t require any special technical skills.

At the moment, the brand has become one of the most popular smokers in the market because Smokehouse is synonymous with quality. Smokehouse Little Chief electric Smoker is one of its flagship products. It has a unique design that allows users to effectively manage the cooking temperature.

Smokehouse brand has rich features too

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  • Most models are made with embossed aluminum
  • They come with a wide range of accessories for cooking efficiency


Does the brand really matter?

It’s not surprising that some people tend to look at popular brands when buying their most ideal electric smoker. They do this because, to them, the reputation of a brand is a good indication of the quality of their products. Most good brands are always careful to manufacture the best products. Otherwise, their reputation in the industry will suffer, and that translates to poor customer turnover.

The leaders in the industry are always looking for new ways to make their products better. They want to remain at the top of their game and stay ahead of the competition.

If you are not really sure which electric smoker model to buy, these brands above are the top companies in the industry. They provide durable smokers with easy-to-use features. And, yes, the brand really does matter when you are looking for a top quality electric smoker.


Experienced food smokers may not need to consider different brands before making their buying decision on their favorite food smokers. They know the features that are most important.

But a newbie who is just new into the food smoking process will have a different approach.  It’s definitely vital that you look up several brands before making a buying decision.

Although it’s not 100% guaranteed you’ll get a top product from a reputable brand, it’s always better to play safe. And you are more likely going to get a great product from a reputable brand with a long list of satisfied customer.  Whenever you want to go shopping for electric smokers, always consider the best brand to get maximum value for your investment.

Among these Materbuilt and Charbroil and Bradley electric smokers are older and more established brands buy Smokehouse and Smokintex and brands like cookshack and others are also making their way towards the top gradually, with their best electric smoker on the market.

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